Google Adwords Optimization

I have been getting a number of clients needing Google Adwords. The spend ever increases, and you ask the question - Google Adwords Optimization!!! How do you get the best profit from the Google Adwords spend?

I read an interesting article on SmallBusinessNews about how to increase your Google Adwords click through rate. With a higher click through rate, your rankings in the CPC listings get higher for a smaller spend. And of course, you are getting more clicks.

The same is true for your snippet on the organic search results. Get a better click through rate on the organics and sales obviously go up, but at no cost.

So how do you increase the click through rate? You have to become a marketing guru! Trade your SEO hat, and programming hat, and wordsmith hat... Yes, we have to be a master of everything when we take on looking after people's websites. The joy of having a larger organisation so that you can use different people's specialties.

Strong Words Strong Calls to Action
New Book Now
Guaranteed Reserve
Discover Save Now
Save Discover Your
Proven Sign Up Today
Safe Buy Now
Easy Pay Less
Free Order Now

You need a USP - Unique selling point, strong action phrase, attention grabbing words.

The example they gave was between the following Google adwords ads:

Winning Ad

Apple Ipod Touch
The All New IPOD Touch. Guaranteed
Next Day Shipping. Order Now!

Losing Ad

Apple Ipod Touch
Apple Ipod Touch in Stock Now Order
Online Worldwide Shipping

The winning advert had a 225% increase in click through rate. Not bad!!!

So remember that your meta descriptions need the same level of love.

Remember to track

Why spend, yet not know how much revenue you are specifically getting for your cost. You need to add Google Analytics and Adwords code added to the thank you pages after your calls to action. If your action is a contact us form, or the purchase of a product, then make sure you are tracking. Then on your Google analytics, you can see that for $x spend, you are getting $y sales or enquiries... Very important.

Make sure you track every movement

Do you have ajax on your pages??? If so, are you tracking those "page requests" on your stats package? Google analytics has facility to track ajax requests.

Let Google work out your spend - cost per conversion

There is a very cool new Google adwords feature - if you have had enough conversions, you can tell Google to spend up to $x per conversion. So if you know you are getting $50 profit on a sale, and you can afford a cost of $10 per sale, Google will keep on spending till it gets to that $10 per sale.

10,000 impressions gets 5% click throughs (500), gets 5% sales (25) which each get $50 profit per sale = $1250. You allow Google to therefore spend $250 for you to get $1000 profit ($1250 less $250).

Let Google work out your Cost per Click

It can take a while to manually change all the cost per clicks when you want to properly manage an adwords spend. But there is a great alternative. Just tell Google that you want to spend say $1000 per month, and it will change the cost per click so that over a month, you spend no more than that $1000. It can be a very management cost efficient method of determining your CPC rates. I have used this on a number of clients.

Do you keep on Spending????

Yes, and no. You can use your Google adwords spend to find out the search phrases that are getting profitable conversions, then know to target those phrases for your organic search. In the long term, you need to spend say up to two months worth of adwords spend in on organic listings work. If you get top organic listings for phrases, you will get around a 20% increase in total traffic (Organic and Adwords), as compared to just either adwords or organic listings by themselves. People will see the Organic result, and see the paid listing, and so click through on the organic because they see that you must be a proper result, enough that you are willing to spend to be there.

Best of wishes for your business. Use the SearchMasters services to manage both your adword spend, and get you to the top of the organic listings.


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