WordCamp Auckland

WordCamp Auckland
Live Blog of WordCamp Auckland

This page was updated throughout the day.

I have been part of the WordCamp Auckland August 2010 Business Time and Developer sessions.

I had a slot in the day talking about three simple secrets of Search Engine Optimisation.

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Talk by Rachel Cunliffe Cre8d-Design.com

Clients from all around the world, mostly word of mouth advertising

Custom post types
the-future-is-now - showing post dated items - it future appearances shown
email sending - prefer to use third party websites rather than in wordpress. Mailchimp is well used.
They try not to hack other peoples plugins, rather, develop their own for some clients to make it customised for them.

basecamp for managing projects.

Courtney Lambert TV3 - isobar

42% interacted with companies via social networking websites
62% watched an online video about a product they wanted to buy

social media is conversation, not a campaign
social media is not free
people, people, people, not puters ;)


Pitch - what is your pitch
Oprah's awesome fruit
- what would it take to get onto Oprah, have that unique selling point

Think channels and gateways
- what is the channel or gateway to your audience
namechk - own your online presence

The engagement pyramid-move from watching and commenting, to producing

Your brand mission should you choose to accept it
- you have been given 12 months of free, fully resourced, 6pm tvnews to communicate to your customers

what would you say
how would get your information to reporters

Custom Post Types

Anthony Cole -
Writing good code
- NameSpacing - prepend your function names with something/anything, so as to avoid namespace conflict.
- brace style
- single line conditionals
- don't use closing ?> on php tags, since if there was white space after it, it could mess with the plugin/coding.

Post types manager
utilise taxonomiies - you can tack categories and tags on anything.

Customising Wordpress

Bren Faulknor- Murrell- Mogul
  • start with the codex
  • pick your plugin - recently updated, good reviews feedback, support for current working version of wp, evidence of good user support
  • test it

They use all in one seo pack
google xml sitemaps - arne brachold
pagemash- page-remash
page lists plus
nextGEN gallery

Custom built plugins

  • code in templates
  • code in function file
  • standalone plugins

Managing custom fields
- verve meta boxes - avenue verve
- lets you show only certain custom fields on posts/pages/custom pages etc.

Idea for my sites:
wordpress category edit - change the display of categories to be ajax showing the cats that are selected, and the top category for each. Then ajax to show the sub categories.

make code extensible
following wordpress standards
foster a community
open source it

too many databases
serialised data floating around
code lacks comments

"ignore the vocal minority"

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