How popular is Google???

How popular is Google???
Googles search dominance

Just how popular is Google??? Google's popularity as the worlds search engine of choice, continues to climb.

(Updated based on November 2007 results compared to my May 2007 article that reported on April 2007 results)

For USA users, comScore reports the November 2007 US Search Engine Rankings, 58.6% of 10 billion searches were conducted on Google (April 2007 49.7% of 7.3 billion searches). Yahoo had only 22.4% (26.8%), MSN 9.8% (10.3%), Ask 4.6% (5.1%) and Time Warner including AOL at 4.5% (5%).

reported a similar figure for the same time December 2007 period. 57.7% of 7.4 billion (April 2007 55.2% of 6.8 billion) searches on Google. Yahoo 17.9% (21.9%), MSN 12.0% (9.0%), and Ask 2.7% (1.8%).

Very similar figures, but it certainly shows that the concept of "Margin of error" is alive and well.

In Australia, Google's dominance is even more pronounced. Hitwise reported that in Mar 2007; Google was 82%, Yahoo 4%, and MSN 6%.

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