RSS Feed Statistics

RSS Feed Statistics
How do you get RSS feed statistics? If you submit your RSS url to Feedburner, people can then obtain your feed via them, and you are able to get RSS feed subscription stats, and how many click throughs you are getting via your feed.

Feedburner was bought by Google for a rumoured $100 million on June 3, 2007. Since it was in the news, I decided to investigate its services.

As is normal with Google takeovers, what used to be paid services are now free. I have submitted the SearchMasters RSS feed to Feedburner, who have then enabled it to be accessed via However, it does not look that friendly to have the url as someone elses url. So the now free service has allowed me to set a cname in my dns settings to allow the url to be used instead. Rather slick!!!

So what else is Feedburner able to provide? You are able to combine several feeds into one feed, it automatically pings services such as Technorati and Google Blog feeds which is great since this does not yet come standard with SearchMasters JoJo CMS. You can have a nice little graphic that flicks through the latest 5 items in the feed.


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I now have the new RSS link in my webpage head section - now to get a few people to subscribe to it!!! The counter does not look nice when its showing zero subscribers. Please save me and subscribe to the feed - a big fat zero on the RSS Feed Statistics does not look hot ;)


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