Rental Cars

Rental Cars

DriveNZ is in the competitive Car Rental New Zealand business - Car Rental Auckland, and Christchurch Rental Cars. They are an SEO client gained from a SearchMasters SEO seminar.

After they have spent 10's of thousands on SEO, their current website showed no sign of SEO. A case in point for the poor offerings of a number of said SEO / Web Developer businesses. The DriveNZ website is evidence that SEO training is essential in New Zealand. Lets get the standard of New Zealand SEO businesses to the Top. There is more than enough business to go around.

See for yourself how well or otherwise the Drivenz site was SEO'ed - poorly (see the screen shot below). The website has now been transformed and links are beginning to be obtained (2 April 2007). The target is that in less than 6 months, pages on the site will rank top of for New Zealand Rental Cars, Auckland Rental Cars, Christchurch Rental Cars, and related phrases. The site ranks/ranked no where on Google for the terms when we have first started with them.
  • They had multiple domains all showing the same content.
  • Titles, meta descriptions, h1's and opening paragraphs did not sing the tune of proper search phrase emphasis.
  • There were no specific pages for different commonly searched phrases.
  • ... from New Zealand (slight bias to NZ results)

Search Phrase 19Mar 2Apr 3May 4Jun 3Jul 25Aug 28Sep 5Dec
New Zealand Rental cars 58th 35th 20th 14th 14th 14th 8th 4th
New Zealand Car Rentals 79th 48th 20th 19th 23rd 21st 11th 10th
Auckland Rental Cars 38th 19th 9th 26th 14th 10th 3rd 5th
Auckland Car Rental 52nd 133rd 15th 14th 28th 22th 10th 11th
Christchurch Rental Cars 45th 111th 36th 9th 17th 12th 2nd 2nd
Christchurch Car Rentals 55th 148th 13th 11th 22nd 16th 5th 6th

It is interesting to see changes in rankings over time in a competitive market. These are not the only phrases we are targeting, but they are some important ones. Can't let all the cats out of the bag!

Update 28 Sept 2007 - I must say, I was starting to despair. For a while there, the rankings were rather stagnant. Then all of a sudden the pages are ranking in the top 5 for many phrases!!! Yippeee. It talks a lot about the sandbox that there is for competitive phrases on as well as for Interesting.

The following is a screenshot of the "before" home page - I have copied the pages title and shown it in the header of the screenshot:

DriveNZ New Zealand Rental Cars

Have a look at the DriveNZ car rental website for the live "after" shot.

Update 31 March 2007

The updated SEO'ed website is now online, but yet to be cached by Google. Will be interesting to track the results over the next months.

Rankings of pages linking to - 2 April 2007

I have linked to DriveNZ from here, as well as, and The pages were created 19 March 2007. It is interesting to see what pages are showing where, for the search phrases. This speaks of Google sandboxing for specific new pages/phrases, even on domains that are themselves aged.

I won't give a live link to the pages as I don't want too much interlinking between the sites.
  • - 424th 2 Apr, 340th 3 May, 678th 4 June for "New Zealand Rental Cars", initially for the index page, then for the specific page.
  • - not in the top 1000, but using the " new zealand rental cars" search, this page gets top. I consider its not showing because the searchmasters site is still a little sandboxed, and not as powerful as the site. I also have a number of other mentions of "rental cars" on the time2dine site, and these have been on the site for some years. So the site has a small theme of rental cars.
  • Zoomin Christchurch Rental Cars map of the Christchurch Branch.
  • Zoomin Auckland Car Rental listing for DriveNZ.
  • DriveNZ on the wiki
  • PlanetCarRentals - New Zealand Car Rentals from PlanetCarRentals - why not start up another group of websites to promote not just DriveNZ cars, but New Zealand wide rental vehicles - Auckland Rental Cars, Wellington Rental Cars, Christchurch Rental Cars, and rental cars throughout New Zealand.
  • DriveNZ is listed on - Car Rentals Auckland
  • And we have another two related websites - Quality Car Rentals Car Hire New Zealand
  • and especially for the wiser amongst us, Senior Car Rentals Car Hire New Zealand, where the insurance is specifically lower.
  • Auckland Car Rental - Affordable Rental Cars New Zealand.
  • Auckland Rental Cars - DriveNZ promoted on
  • Lets get some specific links for DriveNZ's Christchurch Airport Car Rentals (32th 5/dec/07), and Auckland Airport Car Rentals (30th 5/dec/07) pages.

So -
  • I need more specific external links into the above pages to get them ranking in their own right, so that they in turn will have more authoritative pages for their links into DriveNZ.
  • It is interesting to see how both the searchmasters and coreseo sites mention one page a number of times on the same website. By virtue of the sites CMS's, you get internal links on other pages back to the article. On the SearchMasters site, there is mention on the index page, on the seo case studies page... It helps to develop a theme for that search phrase on the sites.
  • It highlights the need to get inbound links into drivenz from pages that are already ranking in the top 1000 for rental car phrases. The Finda DriveNZ listing for Auckland Car Rental is a good one. As is the Yes, it is conjecture that links from pages already ranking well on Google will help drivenz more than links from pages not ranking for the phrases. But it does not take much reading about "trustrank" to realise that such a factor seems part of the Google Algorithm.
  • An article on New Zealand Car Rental 24/11/08
  • ClipMarks for New Zealand Car Rental
  • Made in New Zealand's listing for Car Rentals New Zealand
  • and a number of YouTube Videos for Car Hire New Zealand and Campervan Hire New Zealand. We have added the videos with the "names" relating to our search phrases, and these have a page each as channels New Zealand Car Rental and Camper Van Hire New Zealand.

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