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How to write for SEO? Learn more

How to write for SEO? Learn more - Duplicate Content How to write for SEO - three simple secrets I run an SEO course SEO101, where I teach Three Simple Secrets of SEO: Search Phrase Selection Search phrases added to the Head of an html page Search phrases added to the content The next SEO training course is being held on Monday 19th May 2008, with a workshop on Tuesday morning 20th May....
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Writing for SEO - change your pages wording frequently!

Writing for SEO - change your pages wording frequently! - Duplicate Content Writing for SEO - I am getting annoyed! Websites are copying my websites text, and my clients websites are being dropped by Google. It is making it very hard to have good writing for SEO. You have to do your best, then weeks later change the text, and again, and again. What you think is good writing has to be sacrificed for another try,...
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Supplemental Results no More

Google supplemental results are no more. Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog 20/12/07- The ultimate fate of supplemental results, that they are now searching the whole index for each query. There used to be a separate "supplemental index" and a tag on results that a particular page was in the supplemental index. Initially...
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SEO of Subdomains v Domains

An algo change has occurred with the SEO of Subdomains v Domains. Matt Cutts posted 10 December 2007 that subdomains were less likely to show up for a search where they were competing for the same search phrase as its main domain. For several years Google has used something called “host crowding,” which means that Google will show...
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Duplicate Content Experiment

Duplicate Content Experiment - Duplicate Content I wrote an article in August about How to Kick a website out of Google. The SearchMasters page has been top of Google for that phrase. As a duplicate content experiment, I have now created a copy of that article on CoreSEO.com and am tracking Google's reaction to it. Background The SearchMasters home page is PR4. The SearchMasters article page...
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