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Country bias in Google Search Results

What bias is there in Google search results to the country you are searching from? My findings are that there is not only a country bias in Google search results, but there is a regional bias. In New Zealand results from both, and on as seen from New Zealand, I found a bias towards not only New Zealand websites, but...
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More international sites in country top ten

I have noticed more international results in the top ten of recently. I have surmised that Google has been reducing the country bias on Google country searches. I have noticed that for instance, a for Search Engine Optimisation shows SearchMasters second to Wikipedia, but also shows 5 other non New Zealand websites. In...
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Website Geographic Targeting

Website Geographic Targeting - Geographic Targeting How does website geographic targeting on Google work? Google has a strong country bias in results that it shows on, a slightly weaker country bias in results shown on as seen from New Zealand, and of course, no country bias when looking at as seen from the USA via a proxy. The same is obviously true for any...
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Google Geographic Targeting - new tool

Google Geographic Targeting - new tool - Geographic Targeting How does Google Geographic Targeting work??? There is a new Google webmaster tool that allows you to Geographically target your website to users of a particular country, or area within that country. Google - Geographic Target Tool, and locations within a country. and more specifically when you are logged into Google webmaster tools when...
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