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Google analytics tracking between domains

Updated: There is often a need for Google Analytics tracking between domains. Between your website, and a third party secure server that you are able to add code to, or maybe another secure server in your group of websites. There is Google analytics code as at January 2008. Please see the tracking code for multiple domains with the latest...
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'Legal' positioning of Adsense Ads

'Legal' positioning of Adsense Ads - Google Adsense Positioning of Adsense ads is a tricky one. Adsense ads need to be prominently seen and on clickable locations on the page. But they should not be located where users get confused that its part of that sites content. Google has had several recent directives on the subject: * May 3, 2007 Dont run the risk of click and miss * May 10, 2007...
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Clicking on Adsense Ads

Clicking on Adsense Ads - Google Adsense Ahhh!!!! Clicking on Adsense Ads when they are your own is a no no. What's going to happen? Are you going to get banned from the Google Adsense program? Maybe you better tell them so they don't ban you? The Google Adsense blog has recently clarified what you should do in such a situation. Google Adsense blog Accidents happen - As most of you...
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