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Google analytics tracking between domains

Updated: There is often a need for Google Analytics tracking between domains. Between your website, and a third party secure server that you are able to add code to, or maybe another secure server in your group of websites. There is Google analytics code as at January 2008. Please see the tracking code for multiple domains with the latest...
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How Good is your Onpage SEO?

How Good is your Onpage SEO? - Google Adwords Just how good is your onpage SEO for a search phrase? Google has introduced some analysis tools for Adwords. There is a quality indicator as part of the Adwords algorithm. If your page is defined as relevant for the search phrase that you are targeting, you pay less as compared to when your page is not considered relevant. Google is now...
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Google Adwords Optimization

I have been getting a number of clients needing Google Adwords. The spend ever increases, and you ask the question - Google Adwords Optimization!!! How do you get the best profit from the Google Adwords spend? I read an interesting article on SmallBusinessNews about how to increase your Google Adwords click through rate. With a higher click...
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