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Optimizing for Google Local Search

Optimizing for Google Local Search - Google SERPS With the advent of Google Local Search, optimizing for top ten on the organic search engine results is no longer enough. Google Local has just started appearing on a number of the Google search results, especially when a location name is part of the search phrase. The question is - how do you get your business listed on the local search...
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SEO of Subdomains v Domains

An algo change has occurred with the SEO of Subdomains v Domains. Matt Cutts posted 10 December 2007 that subdomains were less likely to show up for a search where they were competing for the same search phrase as its main domain. For several years Google has used something called “host crowding,” which means that Google will show...
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Google Geographic Targeting - new tool

Google Geographic Targeting - new tool - Google SERPS How does Google Geographic Targeting work??? There is a new Google webmaster tool that allows you to Geographically target your website to users of a particular country, or area within that country. Google - Geographic Target Tool, and locations within a country. and more specifically when you are logged into Google webmaster tools when...
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Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks - Google SERPS Webmasters now have more control over the Google Sitelinks that appear on top results for some websites (18 Oct 2007). While we are not able to tell Google what links we would like there (completely automated), we are able to exclude links via the Google webmaster tools. People are also able to see the potential sitelinks before they in fact...
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Different sandbox period on Google . com

Different sandbox period on Google . com - Google SERPS There seems to be a different sandbox period on A classic case in point is the rankings of SearchMasters for the phrase "Search Engine Optimisation". On I rank third, but on, I rank below my NZ competitors. My own Time2Dine sites page on Search Engine Optimisation ranks 206th (15th on,...
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Excluding non HTML files from Google

Excluding non HTML files from Google - Google SERPS Google has announced a new initiative for excluding non HTML files from Google (27 July 2007). We have Robots.txt where we can exclude files, we have meta robots lines in html code where we can direct Google to exclude pages from Google. But how about non HTML documents? Where can we put meta robots lines in their code? The new Robots...
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Search Personalisation

One of the latest additions to the SearchMasters training has been regarding Search Personalisation. Gord Hotchkiss interviewed Matt Cutts about Search Personalisation 2 Mar 07. With SEO it is hard to know what we are trying to get to the top of: or a country variation ie Then we have different results for
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