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Google Webmaster Central Live Chat

Google Webmaster Central Live Chat - Google Webmaster Central Sadly I missed the first ever Google Webmaster Central Live Chat (transcript). At 5am on Saturday morning NZT after I had just got home from a school camp... However, there is a good transcript of the 1 hour session on searchnewz as linked above. So was there anything new in the chat. For me one of the biggest take homes was about the...
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Supplemental Results no More

Google supplemental results are no more. Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog 20/12/07- The ultimate fate of supplemental results, that they are now searching the whole index for each query. There used to be a separate "supplemental index" and a tag on results that a particular page was in the supplemental index. Initially...
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Google Geographic Targeting - new tool

Google Geographic Targeting - new tool - Google Webmaster Central How does Google Geographic Targeting work??? There is a new Google webmaster tool that allows you to Geographically target your website to users of a particular country, or area within that country. Google - Geographic Target Tool, and locations within a country. and more specifically when you are logged into Google webmaster tools when...
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