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Country bias in Google Search Results

What bias is there in Google search results to the country you are searching from? My findings are that there is not only a country bias in Google search results, but there is a regional bias. In New Zealand results from both, and on as seen from New Zealand, I found a bias towards not only New Zealand websites, but...
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Why have xml sitemaps?

Why have xml sitemaps? - Google Webmaster Tools I was asked by a client - Why have an xml sitemap? What advantage is there in having an xml sitemap? So I thought I would point them to a blog post rather than just email them the information. Please refer to my earlier post (April 2007) on xml sitemaps. The search engines have agreed on a joint xml sitemap protocol. I personally like adding...
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Website Geographic Targeting

Website Geographic Targeting - Google Webmaster Tools How does website geographic targeting on Google work? Google has a strong country bias in results that it shows on, a slightly weaker country bias in results shown on as seen from New Zealand, and of course, no country bias when looking at as seen from the USA via a proxy. The same is obviously true for any...
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Google Webmaster Central Live Chat

Google Webmaster Central Live Chat - Google Webmaster Tools Sadly I missed the first ever Google Webmaster Central Live Chat (transcript). At 5am on Saturday morning NZT after I had just got home from a school camp... However, there is a good transcript of the 1 hour session on searchnewz as linked above. So was there anything new in the chat. For me one of the biggest take homes was about the...
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Google Geographic Targeting - new tool

Google Geographic Targeting - new tool - Google Webmaster Tools How does Google Geographic Targeting work??? There is a new Google webmaster tool that allows you to Geographically target your website to users of a particular country, or area within that country. Google - Geographic Target Tool, and locations within a country. and more specifically when you are logged into Google webmaster tools when...
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RSS Feed Statistics

RSS Feed Statistics - Google Webmaster Tools How do you get RSS feed statistics? If you submit your RSS url to Feedburner, people can then obtain your feed via them, and you are able to get RSS feed subscription stats, and how many click throughs you are getting via your feed. Feedburner was bought by Google for a rumoured $100 million on June 3, 2007. Since it was in the news, I...
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XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps - Google Webmaster Tools Rand Fishkin interviews Vanessa Fox of Google's Webmaster Central - SearchMasters highlights Vanessa's mention of XML Sitemaps. What are XML Sitemaps, and how can XML Sitemaps be used to help search engines spidering of your websites. XML Sitemaps The main search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask have agreed on a standard and have a joint...
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