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Google Hates Paid Links

Original post 8 Sep 07-Updated 12 Feb 08-see posted reply Google hates paid links - per the Paid Link Search Engine Strategy presentation by Matt Cutts San Jose Aug 21, 2007 Buying paid links that pass PageRank violates our quality guidelines Paid PageRank-Passing (PPP) links Google is willing to take strong action against PPP links This...
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Google Lowers Page Rank on Many Websites

Google is lowering the Green Bar on websites that are selling links - or so that seems to be the reason. The SEO blogging world is buzzing with the news. [26 October 2007]. And the official Google Blog post about it 1 December 2007 - Information about Buying and Selling Links. And Matt Cutts blog post Selling links that pass page rank....
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Matt Cutts interview- Links, Robots.txt, nofollows, noindex

If there ever was a groundbreaking tell all interview about links, robots.txt, nofollows and noindex, then this one by Eric Enge with Matt Cutts is one! Have a good read, and re read. Matt Cutts and Eric Enge- 24 Sep 2007 (transcript 8 Oct 07) Some interesting points: Robots.txt - Google does not support crawl delay in robots.txt since a...
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How to kick a website out of Google

If you had been to my seminars you would have heard it - "How to kick a website out of Google" - this is big news that is just hitting the blogzone. But please read the following article on how websites are being removed out of Google. Google Proxy Hacking Its all in my seminars, but here is a summary for you: 302 temporary...
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The Google Benefits of a Press Release

So what are the Google Benefits of a Press release? Links links and more links get you to the top of the Search Engines. Press releases like are an interesting way of being able to get such links - not only are they shown on high page rank websites, but they are picked up on many other websites and with links gained from them. There...
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Building Website traffic

How do you build website traffic and make a website pay its way? I have just read an excellent article on SEO and Blogging Success Story : Diabetes Blog Earns $40K per Year. It is full of interesting tips on how they used directory links, community websites such as stumbleupon and digg, and revenue generators like auction ads and text link ads...
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