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Outing websites for hidden links

Outing websites for hidden links - Linking Strategies When you log into webmaster tools, you are able to "out websites for hidden links" and other black hat spam. This has the potential of getting sites that contain hidden links to be removed from the search results. Hiding text or links in your content can cause your site to be perceived as untrustworthy since it presents information...
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'Paid Links' can reduce Google PR

'Paid Links' can reduce Google PR - Linking Strategies Paid links can reduce Google PR. Removal of paid links followed by a reinclusion request can get PR back to what it should be - all within 7 days!. Case Study - SLAMXHYPE I recently consulted with SLAMXHYPE for SEO of their mens fashion website. Part of the SEO question was why their Google PR was so low. With thousands of incoming links, their...
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Three Way Linking Strategies

Three Way Linking Strategies - Linking Strategies How do you get safe inbound links? Three way linking strategies are one way of safely getting inbound links. I am working with a number of clients that have done the basics right, but are in competitive industries. They need that something extra. But the questions are: How can we safely get incoming links in an environment where Google is...
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