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SEO of Subdomains v Domains

An algo change has occurred with the SEO of Subdomains v Domains. Matt Cutts posted 10 December 2007 that subdomains were less likely to show up for a search where they were competing for the same search phrase as its main domain. For several years Google has used something called “host crowding,” which means that Google will show...
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Matt Cutts interview- Links, Robots.txt, nofollows, noindex

If there ever was a groundbreaking tell all interview about links, robots.txt, nofollows and noindex, then this one by Eric Enge with Matt Cutts is one! Have a good read, and re read. Matt Cutts and Eric Enge- 24 Sep 2007 (transcript 8 Oct 07) Some interesting points: Robots.txt - Google does not support crawl delay in robots.txt since a...
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Ongoing SEO education-Matt Cutts at Wordcamp

How to we get ongoing SEO education? By every word that comes from the lips of Matt Cutts - Google Employee/SEO spokesperson! Reading between the lines, hearing reports of his seminars, reading his Matt Cutts blog. And before you get ongoing education you certainly need to attend one of my SEO seminars so you can sort the wheat from the chaff....
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Matt Cutts site hacked???

Matt Cutts site hacked??? - Matt Cutts Quotes Has the Google antispam search employee Matt Cutts site been hacked or is is just an elaborate April Fools day prank??? Update 3rd April - Actually - it was an elaborate April fools day prank. April 1st is an ideal day for hackers to deface websites. The question is always present - is it an April 1st prank, or is it for real. In this case,...
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