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Dallas Jazz Bands - Big T Music - SEO Client

Dallas Jazz Bands - Big T Music - SEO Client - Onpage SEO BigT-Music.com had plenty of inbound links, but no onpage SEO. It needed to rank for the following phrases: Dallas Jazz Bands, Dallas Party Bands ... So just how effective is onpage SEO - actually adding the phrases to the pages, in this case just adding the phrases to the index page. Title, meta description, h1, and paragraphs on the...
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How to write for SEO? Learn more

How to write for SEO? Learn more - Onpage SEO How to write for SEO - three simple secrets I run an SEO course SEO101, where I teach Three Simple Secrets of SEO: Search Phrase Selection Search phrases added to the Head of an html page Search phrases added to the content The next SEO training course is being held on Monday 19th May 2008, with a workshop on Tuesday morning 20th May....
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Writing for SEO - change your pages wording frequently!

Writing for SEO - change your pages wording frequently! - Onpage SEO Writing for SEO - I am getting annoyed! Websites are copying my websites text, and my clients websites are being dropped by Google. It is making it very hard to have good writing for SEO. You have to do your best, then weeks later change the text, and again, and again. What you think is good writing has to be sacrificed for another try,...
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Supplemental Results no More

Google supplemental results are no more. Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog 20/12/07- The ultimate fate of supplemental results, that they are now searching the whole index for each query. There used to be a separate "supplemental index" and a tag on results that a particular page was in the supplemental index. Initially...
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How Good is your Onpage SEO?

How Good is your Onpage SEO? - Onpage SEO Just how good is your onpage SEO for a search phrase? Google has introduced some analysis tools for Adwords. There is a quality indicator as part of the Adwords algorithm. If your page is defined as relevant for the search phrase that you are targeting, you pay less as compared to when your page is not considered relevant. Google is now...
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How many characters in the title?

How many characters in the title? - Onpage SEO Just how many characters in the title does Google show? Is it 70 or 71? Google has been playing around with the number of characters that it shows in the title on search results. I have recently seen that it has been showing not the standard 71, but in fact 70 characters of the title of websites when it lists pages in its search results....
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Flash SEO

Another client, another type of site to SEO. Flash websites are interesting in that they often only have one url for the search engines. Flash SEO is a challenge with some interesting solutions. SEO for Flash How about getting all your flash text from an xml file or database. Makes it rather easy for people to update. Set entry points into...
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How best to SEO a clients existing site

A client has approached you to SEO their website. The question - How best to SEO a clients existing website. You know the theory, but with the 1000 pages on their website, how do you go about making the changes required? This article has two audiences People that I have trained and are learning themselves People that are SEOing others...
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