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'Paid Links' can reduce Google PR

'Paid Links' can reduce Google PR - Page Rank Paid links can reduce Google PR. Removal of paid links followed by a reinclusion request can get PR back to what it should be - all within 7 days!. Case Study - SLAMXHYPE I recently consulted with SLAMXHYPE for SEO of their mens fashion website. Part of the SEO question was why their Google PR was so low. With thousands of incoming links, their...
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Google Hates Paid Links

Original post 8 Sep 07-Updated 12 Feb 08-see posted reply Google hates paid links - per the Paid Link Search Engine Strategy presentation by Matt Cutts San Jose Aug 21, 2007 Buying paid links that pass PageRank violates our quality guidelines Paid PageRank-Passing (PPP) links Google is willing to take strong action against PPP links This...
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Supplemental Results no More

Google supplemental results are no more. Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog 20/12/07- The ultimate fate of supplemental results, that they are now searching the whole index for each query. There used to be a separate "supplemental index" and a tag on results that a particular page was in the supplemental index. Initially...
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Google Lowers Page Rank on Many Websites

Google is lowering the Green Bar on websites that are selling links - or so that seems to be the reason. The SEO blogging world is buzzing with the news. [26 October 2007]. And the official Google Blog post about it 1 December 2007 - Information about Buying and Selling Links. And Matt Cutts blog post Selling links that pass page rank....
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Google Page Rank Update-Sept 07-When will it happen?

When will Google next update the toolbar Google Page Rank??? The Google Toolbar record of page rank is normally updated every three months. Internally, it is said to be continually recalculating it. However, the three month cycle was due 21 July 2007, its now 15 September 2007. Matt Cutts has said on the DigitalPoint forum 6 Sept 2007: As far...
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The Google Benefits of a Press Release

So what are the Google Benefits of a Press release? Links links and more links get you to the top of the Search Engines. Press releases like are an interesting way of being able to get such links - not only are they shown on high page rank websites, but they are picked up on many other websites and with links gained from them. There...
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Page Rank Hoarding

Page Rank Hoarding - Page Rank Google Webmaster Tools and Page Rank Hoarding Google's Vanessa Fox was interviewed by Rand Fishkin 12 April 2007. One of the items mentioned regarded Page Rank Hoarding and how the Google Webmaster tools showed incoming links. So what is Page Rank Hoarding? Page rank hoarding is where webmasters use the rel=nofollow attribute on their outbound...
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Transferring a website to a new domain name

So your business name has changed or for some reason you need to transfer a website to a new domain name. So what is the best way to transfer your website? What are the issues involved with such a transfer? Why change domains your business name may change your old site may have a penalty on it and may not be showing on the search engines....
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