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Do 302 redirects pass Google PR???

If there ever was uncertainty about it, it must now be clear. Do 302 redirects pass Google PR? No. Matt Cutts in his Search Engine Strategies San Jose Aug 21 2007 conference speech mentioned: Clear disclosure to machines - won't pass PageRank - a redirect through url that does 302 So what is a 302 redirect? There are both 301 Permanent...
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Redirecting index.php to Root using htaccess

How to redirect index.php to root... One of the ground rules for successful SEO is to have only one url for each page. We need to combine all the Google PR and link power into one url. Typically, the index page can be accessed by both or as well as Where is the index.php link used on a...
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Transferring a website to a new domain name

So your business name has changed or for some reason you need to transfer a website to a new domain name. So what is the best way to transfer your website? What are the issues involved with such a transfer? Why change domains your business name may change your old site may have a penalty on it and may not be showing on the search engines....
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