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To the top is not instantaneous - be patient

To the top is not instantaneous - be patient - Search Engine Marketing Goal - SearchMasters Top Ten on for "Marketing" SearchMasters will rank top ten for "Marketing" on by 31/12/08 [and as at 16/10/08, I am THIRD]. Out of all the marketing and PR companies of New Zealand, out of all the web development and SEO businesses in New Zealand, SearchMasters is top ten (and...
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Architectural Design - Tarzan Design - SEO Client

Architectural Design - Tarzan Design - SEO Client - Search Engine Marketing Saturday afternoon at a friends place, I could not not help myself. Yes, I know, I can be sad. A fellow self employed professional mate Ian Shere but with a website that didn't have the SEO pedantics applied to it. Ian Shere knows his Architecture, and the local building code requirements. While he can't call his business...
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Develop the skills of the ICT practitioner-David Cunliffe

Develop the skills of the ICT practitioner-David Cunliffe - Search Engine Marketing David Cunliffe says New Zealand needs to "Develop the skills of the the ICT practitioner". I whole heartedly agree, and add my specific flavour, that one of those skills is that ICT professionals internet marketing abilities need to be further developed. SearchMasters is helping web developers around New Zealand to better optimise...
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Online Yellow Pages Listing - is it worthwhile?

Online Yellow Pages Listing - is it worthwhile? - Search Engine Marketing So just how successful has a Gold Priority online Yellow Pages listing been for SearchMasters? I didn't need the business, but I was keen to try a listing on the online Yellow Pages. I wanted to know for my clients as much as anything else. I had a Gold Priority listing for $110 per month. I initially signed up on a special 3 month deal. Low...
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Online Brand reputation

How do you handle your online brand reputation? I subscribe to Small Business Newz from and got the following article. I have reproduced it in its entirety... maybe not the best thing to do, but I like the article so much. I have a New Zealand restaurant forum, and there are people that give bad reviews. Its an interesting...
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Building Website traffic

How do you build website traffic and make a website pay its way? I have just read an excellent article on SEO and Blogging Success Story : Diabetes Blog Earns $40K per Year. It is full of interesting tips on how they used directory links, community websites such as stumbleupon and digg, and revenue generators like auction ads and text link ads...
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SEO Expectations - Does every website benefit from SEO?

Does every website benefit from SEO? Should SearchMasters be accepting every SEO job? Should clients expect to reap huge rewards from the Search Engine Marketing of their website? Not necessarily. The success of a website ultimately depends on how good the product is. How unique, how marketable, whether people are making purchases based on...
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How best to SEO a clients existing site

A client has approached you to SEO their website. The question - How best to SEO a clients existing website. You know the theory, but with the 1000 pages on their website, how do you go about making the changes required? This article has two audiences People that I have trained and are learning themselves People that are SEOing others...
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