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Writing for SEO - change your pages wording frequently!

Writing for SEO - change your pages wording frequently! - SEO Business Management Writing for SEO - I am getting annoyed! Websites are copying my websites text, and my clients websites are being dropped by Google. It is making it very hard to have good writing for SEO. You have to do your best, then weeks later change the text, and again, and again. What you think is good writing has to be sacrificed for another try,...
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SEO interview questions

SEO interview questions - SEO Business Management SearchMasters is likely to expand in the new year, so finding some SEO interview questions is all good, or is it? My problem with such SEO interview questions, is that I am unlikely to find ANYONE who is good enough to answer many satisfactorily. It is far easier to hire people that have the ability to learn. But training is also rather...
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What does SearchMasters Look Like???

What does SearchMasters look like? What will it look like a year from now? I have been sitting on this article for several months. Since its now the end of the year, its an appropriate time to do some future gazing. I am gathering some interesting quotes from others that I identify with: I feel this way at times - Jim Westergren - Important...
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How to be seen as an SEO Expert

SearchMasters is a relatively new business and we are learning "How to be seen as an SEO expert". So while leafing through my emails, the following article took my interest - 5 Principles for SEO Success by Eric Enge of StoneTemple SEO. My take - Freely give, freely receive. Give and it shall be given to you, all very Christian...
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How best to SEO a clients existing site

A client has approached you to SEO their website. The question - How best to SEO a clients existing website. You know the theory, but with the 1000 pages on their website, how do you go about making the changes required? This article has two audiences People that I have trained and are learning themselves People that are SEOing others...
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What does an SEO consultant do?

So just what are some of the many tasks that SEO Consultants do??? Yes, getting clients sites higher on the search engines. Yes, picking search phrases, rewording pages, reprogramming sites for SEO friendliness, getting links.... training clients so that they can look after their sites for themselves, empowerment... I was asked for a...
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