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Country bias in Google Search Results

What bias is there in Google search results to the country you are searching from? My findings are that there is not only a country bias in Google search results, but there is a regional bias. In New Zealand results from both, and on as seen from New Zealand, I found a bias towards not only New Zealand websites, but...
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Fickle Google

Fickle Google! Competitive search phrases are not easy to maintain high rankings for given the fickleness of Google. Basic SEO is easy. Just get the right words onto the page, and have the website SEO friendly with plenty of links coming into the domain. I do that to many websites and get great results. But when you are competing for a...
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SEO for Affiliate Schemes

SEO for Affiliate Schemes - SEO Experiments How do you SEO for Affiliate Schemes? SEO of websites that have links to ClickBank, Amazon, eBay, Template Monster etc. Part 2 in the Series, about how Search Engine Optimisation Practitioners need experience. I started the series with discussion about how you can't trust an SEO practitioner who has had only 6 months experience. I have been...
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SEO - what you learn from experience

SEO - what you learn from experience - SEO Experiments Can you trust an SEO who has only been in the profession 6 months? Can you trust an SEO who has only optimised a handful of websites? SEO - What you learn from experience. Michael Brandon of SearchMasters. "I have been practicing SEO since September 2002, now 6 years. I am constantly learning. However, I have SEO'ed numerous websites...
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Google snippets for blogs

Google sometimes uses post dates for its Google snippets for blogs. Yes, its been around for a while, but I had thought that Google was just creating a snippet because I had no meta descriptions. I saw a comment come though on my blog, and decided to check how the visitor had got there. The date happens to also have the following html...
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Relative power of Zoomin v Finda v SearchMasters

Relative power of Zoomin v Finda v SearchMasters - SEO Experiments We have recently SEO'ed Riverglade Bed and Breakfast in Hamilton for the phrase including "Hamilton Bed and Breakfast", and listed them on Zoomin for and Finda. All the listings were around 8 May 2008. It is rather interesting to see where each of the respective pages rank. We are linking to both the Finda and Zoomin pages from the...
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Duplicate Content Experiment

Duplicate Content Experiment - SEO Experiments I wrote an article in August about How to Kick a website out of Google. The SearchMasters page has been top of Google for that phrase. As a duplicate content experiment, I have now created a copy of that article on and am tracking Google's reaction to it. Background The SearchMasters home page is PR4. The SearchMasters article page...
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How to kick a website out of Google

If you had been to my seminars you would have heard it - "How to kick a website out of Google" - this is big news that is just hitting the blogzone. But please read the following article on how websites are being removed out of Google. Google Proxy Hacking Its all in my seminars, but here is a summary for you: 302 temporary...
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Google Collateral Damage

Google Collateral Damage - SEO Experiments Is there Google collateral damage with the ever changing Google Algorithm? The New York Times was let into the inner sanctum of Google and reported back in their article Google Keeps Tweaking its Search Algorithms. As always, tweaking and quality control involve a balancing act. "You make a change, and it affects some queries positively...
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