SEO Testimonials

There is nothing better than SEO testimonials from satisfied customers, from both web development companies, and individual website owners.

SearchMasters under Jonathan Brandon continues the tradition of his father Michael Brandon in providing world class SEO services.

Tweets following the SearchMasters WordCamp Wellington SEO101 Presentation

JamieAMacdonald Jamie MacDonald
I learnt alot from #wordcampnz about #SEO I am currently going through my new web design portfolio using what I learnt

philwollerman Phil Wollerman
#wordcampnz I'd call that a winning weekend! Great speaker, venue and perfect weather. Still buzzing at midnight! Learnt Some SEO magic...

pgibbs Paul Gibbs
by JS_Zao
The focus on the <title> tag is going to inspire me to patch #buddypress later. #wordcampnz

JS_Zao Justin Sainton
Not personally into SEO, but this guys knows what he's talking about. #wordcampnz

June 2010

SearchMasters helped SEO Zealds own website better, in particular the homepage, and gave advice on better SEO of their content management system.
Just wanted to say thanks heaps for your time the other day. I know you have really gone over and beyond your role. We really do appreciated it...
Cheers, Hamish
We have been very pleased with the response to the SearchMasters SEO training. We ask for feedback / SEO testimonials at our seminars, and people give SEO testimonials about SearchMasters work. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Testimonials - Wellington SEO Seminar
June 07

Brilliant, so much info I never knew was relevant... You were very open to comments, questions, discussions
Rick of Flatout

Good, details, practical, implementable, very valuable. I will now go for certification
Mark Irwin of Webbuild

Makes sense of a complex matrix of issues in web design
Chris Benge

Palmerston North Seminar

Why didn't I do this earlier Phil Tuttiett, LetsFaceIt

SEO201 = 9/10 for Met Expectations, 9/10 for Met Professional Needs, 8/10 that it was new SEO learning; SEO301 10/10 for Met Expectations, 10/10 Met Professional Needs, 9/10 that it was new SEO learning. Brilliant! Jack McKenzie, HortResearch

Testimonials - Nelson Public SEO Seminar

Great information - very keen to look deeper into this area - exciting industry

Very Good and helpful insight of SEO details

Did the seminar meet your expectations
- 90% rating

Testimonials - Auckland SEO Seminar

Full on detail. Exactly what is needed
- David Wharekura

Excellent, lots of tips and tools
- Steve Edhouse

Excellent, but a lot of info to take in, in one day
- Hans Rector

Did the seminar meet your expectations
- 83% rating

Was the information new to you
- rated 72%

Auckland Web Developers WDANZ Conference

Russell: SearchMasters know so much on this topic - I'm sure that "the three steps" will improve all our clients' traffic.

Steve Edhouse: The SearchMasters presentation was very practical and useful.

Fasherman - pseriestech

...I began investigating SEO principles. The first thing I realized is that there is a lot of conflicting advice. The second thing I found almost as quickly is that there are a LOT of disreputable SEO "experts" and companies engaging is shady practices. Seems like they work very short term, but tend to blow up and get a site banned shortly thereafter.

SearchMasters know their stuff. Then I found out that they could be contracted to SEO my site and a jumped all over it. Believe me, you get your money's worth - every penny - and then some.

If you're on the fence, do it! If you're skeptical, don't be. The results are worth it and you won't be disappointed.

Joe Cloud

The Best in SEO - It's hard to explain how much of a help you were in creating our website. You are a true professional, and we couldn't have done it without you. You took us from a completely original forum, to a one of a kind setup. Thank you soooo much for all of your help, and I will make sure to pass you on to anyone who needs the hookup.....well not the competition of course.