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Search Engine Optimisation articles is a place for my Search Engine Optimisation musings. Where the seminars tell you how success is achieved with all the detail, the SEO articles give you peeks at the detail. The SEO Articles show you glimpses of the Search Engine World Domination you could achieve for your websites niche.

Search Engine Optimisation Articles (or for the American spellers Search Engine Optimization articles) - Case studies, latest Search Engine Happenings, and insights into the world of SEO.

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Check Localised Google Search Results with Google's Ad Preview Tool

SearchMasters’ search engine rank tracking setup consists of a virtual desktop running Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) so that we can make the most of the low subscription fee of AWR desktop vs AWR cloud. For most clients, we run monthly ranking scans, and then analyse the results, and for other clients, we do weekly or even daily scans. The scans can take quite some time to complete,... > Read more

SEO Review of Neighbourly Business Directory Listings

SEO Review of Neighbourly Business Directory Listings

Neighbourly launched its business platform in 2015, allowing business to create a listing in the local directory. The directory focuses on connecting local residents to the business by means of the local directory, however, the listings are crawlable by Google rather than being protected by a... > Read more

How to create a Bootstrap exit popup and time delay popup

Over the last few weeks I have been asked by two clients, who each sell the same product but in a different country, to build a popup as a tool to improve conversion on their website. I have built two different types of popups, for two different purposes. An exit popup, prompting the visitor to... > Read more

Passionate Young People, Changemakers Tribe at Sort it Expo 2016

Passionate Young People, Changemakers Tribe at Sort it Expo 2016

Today I was lucky enough to hold a stand at Sort It Expo Palmerston North, to represent Palmy Changemakers Tribe, whom are a part of the National Changemakers Tribe. Changemakers Tribe is all about connecting like minded young people so they can collaborate on projects and ideas they are... > Read more

Google Tag Manager Ecommerce Tracking

Analytics ecommerce tracking used to be comparatively easy. Now, Google Tag Manager ecommerce tracking has a vast range of options available and its very easy to get it wrong. This article looks at installation of the code for recording transaction details following sale. In addition, you are... > Read more

Choosing SEO Keywords - Using Google's Keyword Planner

When I first look at a website to potentially optimise, some of the questions I ask myself are "are they specifically targeting a keyword with a page?", "Are they ranking as expected for that phrase" and "is the phrase ideal to target?" Choosing SEO keywords, that... > Read more

Heat Pumps Auckland

There is a new entrant to the Heat Pumps Auckland and New Zealand market. Heat Pump Masters is operated by SearchMaster's Michael Brandon and is a lead generating website for New Zealand heat pump installers. The journey to the top ten for organic verses paid listings is a... > Read more

Updating a Godaddy Certificate on cPanel

Updating a Godaddy Certificate on cPanel

How do you go about updating a Godaddy certificate on cPanel? I like to have secure email for clients on my servers - secure pop and smtp via So I have a secure certificate with Godaddy that I have just updated. In cPanel/WHM, you need to add the certificate details and the... > Read more

Non www to www 301 redirects

With SEO, you need to make sure that you only have one domain with the content of your site. All other domains need to have 301 redirects to the initial domain. Therefore you need Non www to www 301 redirects - all non www should be redirected to the www versions of the domains. For specific... > Read more

Variable Dump - echo all variables in a script

When de-bugging, it is good to know what variables are available at any one part of the script. So I often echo out the variables, sometimes having them showing as html comments on the source of the page so as to not to disturb the page content. var_dump(get_defined_vars()); <?php... > Read more

SSH - du - Finding large files

du command to identify the largest folders If you are running a server for multiple sites, you may find you are running out of disk space. One good way to find out what files are large is via ssh... > Read more

Multiple Robots.txt files

How do you have several sites coming into the one hosting space, and have one with different robots.txt file. Correct usage of the .htaccess file enables multiple robots files. Logic - if... > Read more

index.php to root redirects

As well as non www to www redirects, there is a need for redirects from index.php or index.html to the root of a domain. See the redirect check for a customised recommendation for your website.... > Read more

Ionic Isapi Rewriter

Keen for a free ISAPI rewriter? Do you have php on a windows server rather than apache? Then check out this Free Windows ASAPI rewriter - It handles RewriteCond as well... > Read more

Getting Google Postcards to Business Addresses

Part of SEO is getting the Google local listing/Google Plus for business active. Many business addresses are shown on the NZ Post address finder page as no postal delivery to that address. There is... > Read more

Are links on worth it?

Are links on worth it? Based on the poor PR distribution from the BOTW homepage, we do not consider a link from BOTW is worthwhile. Websites need links into their pages. With the demise... > Read more

Usernumbers showing in cPanel ResourceMonitor top users reports

I have just moved all my client sites to a new faster dedicated server, and moved from using DirectAdmin, to cPanel. In DirectAdmin, you are able to have longer username's than the max 8... > Read more

Sharedspace SEO Presentation

I presented SEO101 at a Sharedspace/muli mobile Express Marketing Series presentation this morning 7 June 2013. Three Simple Secrets of Search Engine Optimisation, three starters in the process of... > Read more

H1 Heading tags on web pages

Duane Forrester of Bing spoke at the SMX West 2013 SEO Conference. He mentioned an interesting thing about how they treat H1 heading tags, especially in HTML5 documents where you are able to have... > Read more Domains Accepted as Domains by Google

In the last week 1-8 February 2013, domains have been accepted as domains by Google rather than as subdomains. Rankings on Google that had been suffering are now greatly improving, giving... > Read more

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