Internet Marketing

Are you getting the maximum possible revenue from your website and the opportunities provided by the internet? Are you in need of some search engine optimisation (SEO) on your website, internet marketing training or a brainstorming session with the SearchMasters?

SearchMasters WON the inaugural New Zealand Search Engine Optimisation competition held from September to November 2010. We have proved we know how to efficiently market websites via effective SEO. But it's not just SEO, its all about Internet Marketing.

You need a holistic approach to how you do business on the net. Online and off-line marketing, social media marketing... Whether you operate in a large city like Auckland, or a provincial city such as Palmerston North, internet marketing can make all the difference for your business.

SearchMasters job of SEO is not just about getting websites higher on the search engines. Fundamentally its a traditional marketing effort. The end result is that we need more people finding out about your business and converting into sales and business leads.

The internet is a great levelling field. Effective small business marketing via the internet can let you compete with the larger businesses.

So what do we need to successfully market on the internet?
  • A fundamentally successful business
  • Can you cope with extra business
  • Find out the words that people are looking for - search phrase selection
  • Create readable content about those phrases
  • A usable website - usability
  • Professional website design
  • Search Engine friendly website programming
  • Get other websites linking through to you
  • Be aged like a good cheese - good things take time
  • Get ranked on Google Local - the maps that show on Google search results
  • Community interactivity with the site - blog comments, forums, social bookmarking, rss, twitter
  • Create a brand, and get brand awareness, so you get word of mouth happening about your business, and your websites great content, and services. Not so easy to get brand awareness for generic domains.
  • Find out where people are talking about your topic - forums, youtube, bebo, friendster, linkedin, ... and enter into the conversation
  • Create short videos about your products/services. Get them ranked in youtube and Google Video, and get those url's ranked in the Google search results
  • Find relevant industry directories -, accommodation and travel directories...
  • Utilise Newsletters and RSS feeds - push content to people
  • Press releases - for both online and offline publications
  • Start Search Engine advertising - Cost per click with Google Adwords, MSN and Yahoo
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Banner advertising - The Performance Network (First Rate)
  • Offline marketing - consider newspaper, TV, magazine, letterbox and PO Box drops, business cards, road signage and vehicle signage. Prominently display your website url on your offline advertising. Consider a special landing page for each medium so you can more easily track the traffic through that offline medium.
  • Conferences - attend as a speaker, sponsor or attendee
  • Meetups - where are the people that are talking about your products or services?
  • Local Chamber of Commerce and City Council local business growth initiatives
  • BNI - Business Network International business networking
  • Be seen to be an expert across many different marketing platforms
  • Industry associations
  • Tracking your achievements in each marketing effort and optimising your marketing spend based on results achieved in each area

Yes, there are a great many aspects to successful internet marketing. It's not just about SEO and Search Engine Marketing!

Joint Efforts

Remember, a joint effort between business owner and marketer generally provides the best marketing effect. SearchMasters are well positioned to guide you through the labyrinth of Online Marketing. We look forward to working with you - please contact us.