Reputation Management

With so much going on in the online world, it is very easy for people to bad mouth your business and for those pages to show up when your customers search on Google. SearchMasters provide online reputation management services to ensure only positive results show when people Google for your business.

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, online review websites including Finda, Squidoo, news articles on Scoop and in the Herald, ... Any one of these pages could contain less than positive information and the pages can be ranking on Google for your business name or a search phrase relevant for your business. Any one of the pages might turn off a customer from buying from you.
  • Do a search for your business name or relevant search phrase
  • Search for "[your business name]" reviews, or scam
  • What results are showing?
  • Are the pages talking positively about you?
  • What pages are the best pages to be in the top ten?

What we can do

Pushing down bad listings

  • We work with you to identify or create pages on other websites that speak positively about your business.
  • We may work with you to build additional keyword domain websites that easily rank for your search phrases
  • We then link into these pages so that they rank higher than the bad review pages
  • We monitor the rankings to make sure that the top ten results are positive for you

Responding to bad reviews

Sometimes a bad review can be turned positive by responding properly to it. People reading it can see both sides of the story and see that you are seeking to be reasonable.
  • We encourage you to respond to such reviews
  • Maybe site owners can be persuaded to remove such a review if you can prove it was not your customer (could be a competitor), or if the customer is being unreasonable, or if it is false.

Contact us now and put a positive spin on your online reputation.