Search Phrase Suggestion

Using a Search Phrase Suggestion Tool is an essential first step in Search Engine Optimisation. Many people call it Keyword Suggestion Tool, but we prefer the term "Search Phrase Suggestion". And Google now calls it the Keyword Planner Tool (2013). People get so easily confused with the meta keywords in the head section of an html document. You are not searching for meta keywords, rather search phrases that should be added to the title, meta description, h1, and opening paragraph of particular pages on your website.

You are finding out what people are searching for, then rewording and creating new pages on your site targeting those search phrases.

We recommend and use the free Google Adwords Keyword Selection Tool.

The Google Search Phrase Selection tool gives estimated numbers of searches per month per country for each search phrase. We find the tool invaluable for our search engine optimisation efforts. Why get to the top for a phrase that no-one is looking for.