Search Engine Optimisation articles is a place for my Search Engine Optimisation musings. Where the seminars tell you how success is achieved with all the detail, the SEO articles give you peeks at the detail. The SEO Articles show you glimpses of the Search Engine World Domination you could achieve for your websites niche. Search Engine Optimisation Articles (or for the American spellers Search Engine Optimization articles) - Case studies, latest Search Engine Happenings, and insights into the world of SEO. The post dates go back to 2007, when Michael started SearchMasters. He cut his teeth in SEO when starting an online restaurant booking business in 2002. Jonathan now shares his musings here.

December 26, 2007

Auckland Renovations Experts-Beacon Construction-SEO Client

Part of my job is training other Web Developers. Beacon Construction is an Auckland renovations specialist. An Auckland Building Company specialising in renovating) homes on the North Shore Auckland. Etienne Le Sueur of had been asked to optimise the website, and needed some help. I worked with him for several hours: Search Phrase Selection - looking through Google Adwords stats, the SearchMasters search phrase suggestion tool, and the Google Keywords Selection tool. I was...

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December 20, 2007

Supplemental Results no More

Google supplemental results are no more. Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog 20/12/07- The ultimate fate of supplemental results, that they are now searching the whole index for each query. There used to be a separate “supplemental index” and a tag on results that a particular page was in the supplemental index. Initially the index was renewed less often than the main index. It was a sign that you had done things bad for...

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December 10, 2007

SEO of Subdomains v Domains

An algo change has occurred with the SEO of Subdomains v Domains. Matt Cutts posted 10 December 2007 that subdomains were less likely to show up for a search where they were competing for the same search phrase as its main domain. For several years Google has used something called host crowding,? which means that Google will show up to two results from each hostname/subdomain of a domain name. That approach works very well to...

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December 6, 2007

What does SearchMasters Look Like???

What does SearchMasters look like? What will it look like a year from now? I have been sitting on this article for several months. Since its now the end of the year, its an appropriate time to do some future gazing. I am gathering some interesting quotes from others that I identify with: I feel this way at times - [Jim Westergren - Important Business Decision]( It has come to a critical point in which...

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November 30, 2007

Queenstown Accommodation - LakeRidge Condos SEO Client

Lake Ridge Condos are Luxury Queenstown Apartments. They getting good traffic from Google Adwords advertising, but had little traffic from the organic results on Google. With a view over the lake and mountains of Queenstown, LakeRidge Condos are the Luxury Queenstown Accommodation you need to be booking for your next Queenstown adventure holiday. Update March 2009 The original SEO case study was in December 2007, and there have been vast improvements in rankings since then....

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November 21, 2007

Duplicate Content Experiment

I wrote an article in August about How to Kick a website out of Google. The SearchMasters page has been top of Google for that phrase. As a duplicate content experiment, I have now created a copy of that article on and am tracking Google’s reaction to it. Background The SearchMasters home page is PR4. The SearchMasters article page is a PR3, and has been around since 23 August 2007. I am not aware...

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November 6, 2007

Google Geographic Targeting - new tool

How does Google Geographic Targeting work??? There is a new Google webmaster tool that allows you to Geographically target your website to users of a particular country, or area within that country. Google - Geographic Target Tool, and locations within a country. and more specifically when you are logged into Google webmaster tools quote=when logged into webmaster tools…]Some sites target users for a particular geographic location. For example, a site may target all users within...

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October 26, 2007

Production Services New Zealand - SEO Client

How easy is it to rank for Production Services New Zealand on Google? How easy is it to rank for the other orientation - New Zealand Production Services??? With a few tweaks on the home page we were able to get ranked from no-where, to 3rd and 10th website on All in less than a month. Because the website had enough age and inbound links, all that was required were a few words...

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October 25, 2007

Google Lowers Page Rank on Many Websites

Google is lowering the Green Bar on websites that are selling links - or so that seems to be the reason. The SEO blogging world is buzzing with the news. 26 October 2007]. And the official Google Blog post about it 1 December 2007 - Information about Buying and Selling Links. And Matt Cutts blog post Selling links that pass page rank. Directories have been especially hit This SearchMasters website is still a Google PR5...

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October 22, 2007

Google Sitelinks

Webmasters now have more control over the Google Sitelinks that appear on top results for some websites (18 Oct 2007). While we are not able to tell Google what links we would like there (completely automated), we are able to exclude links via the Google webmaster tools. People are also able to see the potential sitelinks before they in fact appear on Google search results. I noticed that there were more links showing on top...

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October 19, 2007

How Good is your Onpage SEO?

Just how good is your onpage SEO for a search phrase? Google has introduced some analysis tools for Adwords. There is a quality indicator as part of the Adwords algorithm. If your page is defined as relevant for the search phrase that you are targeting, you pay less as compared to when your page is not considered relevant. While this is a tool primarily for Adwords, it also introduces a test for onpage SEO for...

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October 16, 2007

Rowan Simpson - ex Trademe - WDANZ Auckland Conference

Leverage the strengths of the web How did trademe get so big not advertising like Ferrit (unsuccessful) viral - ie the Tana Umunga handbag make something that people like - and will tell others Be remarkable - has to be something special Let the server run the business, don’t let you be the bottleneck ie no warehouses, distribution etc ideas that can scale Make your site fast and obvious latent demand - page views proportional...

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October 16, 2007

Paul Webster - Google - WDANZ Conference

Paul Webster, Google NZ rep “Senior Sales manager” - focus on Google Adwords/Adsense But he did give a broad picture of Google Talking about Google Gadget ads - very cool ideas can track mouse overs igoogle - personalised search page Integration of Google between various products 600 users surveyed ranking 90% Google as first choice 11% yahoo as first choice

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October 10, 2007

New Zealand Arts & Craft Shops - CraftyArts - SEO

Want a Sunday outing? Check out the New Zealand Arts and Craft Shops listed on Crafty Arts. Another fun client. The SEO was that much easier given that it was in the JoJo CMS. So what were the search phrases? * “City Arts and Craft Shops” “Craft Shops” “Arts and Craft” “City Gift Shops” The main part of the website is the Arts and Craft Shop listings per region and city. We were able to...

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October 8, 2007

Matt Cutts interview- Links, Robots.txt,s, noindex

If there ever was a groundbreaking tell all interview about links, robots.txt,s and noindex, then this one by Eric Enge with Matt Cutts is one! Have a good read, and re read. Matt Cutts and Eric Enge- 24 Sep 2007 (transcript 8 Oct 07) Some interesting points: Robots.txt - Google does not support crawl delay in robots.txt since a number of people are getting the parameters wrong, ie telling Google to crawl only one page...

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