Search Engine Optimisation articles is a place for my Search Engine Optimisation musings. Where the seminars tell you how success is achieved with all the detail, the SEO articles give you peeks at the detail. The SEO Articles show you glimpses of the Search Engine World Domination you could achieve for your websites niche. Search Engine Optimisation Articles (or for the American spellers Search Engine Optimization articles) - Case studies, latest Search Engine Happenings, and insights into the world of SEO. The post dates go back to 2007, when Michael started SearchMasters. He cut his teeth in SEO when starting an online restaurant booking business in 2002. Jonathan now shares his musings here.

September 19, 2008

SEO - what you learn from experience

Can you trust an SEO who has only been in the profession 6 months? Can you trust an SEO who has only optimised a handful of websites? SEO - What you learn from experience. Michael Brandon of SearchMasters. “I have been practicing SEO since September 2002, now 6 years. I am constantly learning. However, I have SEO’ed numerous websites and got top worldwide rankings for competitive search phrases. That experience is certainly worthwhile. This article...

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September 19, 2008

Pulse IT - SEO Case Study

Pulse IT are Computer Support specialists based in Auckland and servicing clients nationwide. They are the computer services and outsourced IT department of many leading New Zealand companies. I have enjoyed working with Ryan Balemi (Pulse IT founder and Managing Director) through the course of the website optimisation process. Very businesslike, very professional, and was able to have a meeting of minds on the search engine optimisation procedure - after he thoroughly grilled me about...

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September 19, 2008

Organic Skin Care - SEO Case Study BeeWild

The Davidson’s are beekeepers offering Organic Skin Care and Natural Remedies based on their innovations and research into honey bees. The business is of special interest to me given that my Father is also a passionate beekeeper, as was our renound late Sir Edmund Hillary. Innovation seems to run strong with us Kiwis. The Davidson’s discovered two extracts from the beehive that have patents pending. The extracts have been developed into a range of Acne...

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August 20, 2008

New Zealand Engineering Jobs - SEO Case Study - Refocus

Refocus Recruitment are New Zealand Engineering jobs specialists. They are a top class Auckland agency that we have enjoyed working with. We were presented with an old looking website that was not well SEO’ed, and the jobs available were not properly categorised. Rather than majorly reprogramming the existing website, we moved the site into our JojoCMS package, added a custom plugin for the jobs, and obtained a striking new website design from Paragon Design that...

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August 11, 2008

Catamaran - ArrowCat Power Catamarans

Cruising with the ArrowCat Power Catamaran. And looking forward to seeing them cruising up the search results for boats for sale and other phrases once Google recaches the pages. The ArrowCat Power Catamaran is a dream boat - sleeps up to 6 adults, able to hold its own on the open ocean, great for fishing and diving. The multihull gives amazing stability and allows for a large living platform. Designed in New Zealand by Roger...

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August 4, 2008

Sites disappearing from Google

Meta description copied 17 timesSite 12th to 93rd. Well SEO’ed sites are continuing to disappear from Google - Sites disappearing from Google when other websites copy meta descriptions and words on pages. Clients sites are moving from good rankings to no-where. The good news is, that the sites come back again when their copy is again made unique. But Google, you need to fix this. I keep a watch on clients rankings, and noted that...

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July 28, 2008

Architectural Design - Tarzan Design - SEO Client

Saturday afternoon at a friends place, I could not not help myself. Yes, I know, I can be sad. A fellow self employed professional mate Ian Shere but with a website that didn’t have the SEO pedantics applied to it. Ian Shere knows his Architecture, and the local building code requirements. While he can’t call his business “Architects”, he is part of a professional Architectural Designers group and would like to rank up there on...

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July 23, 2008

Arrowfield Arrowtown Apartments-SEO Case Study

Arrowfield Apartments are luxury Arrowtown Accommodation within a few minutes drive of the tourist mecca of Queenstown New Zealand. The importance of Search Phrase Selection I was asked to SEO the website, and my first thought was - “Why” - they were already ranking top for “Arrowtown Apartments”. But a closer look at the Google keywords tool told an interesting story. Not many people looking for Arrowtown Apartments, and heaps more people looking for “Arrowtown”,...

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July 15, 2008

The definition of an SEO - Team!

The definition of an SEO - “There is no ‘I’ in Team, nor in SEO” - SEO is an orchestra. Please click through and read. I subscribe to from ientry and every so often comes a gem! The article talks about how many web developers do not know how to SEO properly - and I totally support that. So many of the websites that I am SEO’ing are from otherwise competent web developers with...

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July 10, 2008

Google keywords tools updated

Google keywords tools updated 8 July 2008. Yippeee. We now have approximate traffic numbers on the Google Keywords Tools that we use for our Search Phrase Selection. Official notification was per the Google blog Keyword tool updated with search volume data. We now know whether it is worthwhile optimising any website for certain phrases - is the traffic sufficient to warrant the expense? Should we be going for other search phrases that are more competitive...

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July 3, 2008

Develop the skills of the ICT practitioner-David Cunliffe

David Cunliffe says New Zealand needs to “Develop the skills of the the ICT practitioner”. I whole heartedly agree, and add my specific flavour, that one of those skills is that ICT professionals internet marketing abilities need to be further developed. SearchMasters is helping web developers around New Zealand to better optimise their clients websites, and getting their Content Manaagement systems better search engine optimised. Contact me now. David Cunliffe received a Honorary New Zealand...

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June 28, 2008

eBay Sniping Tools - Hotsniper SEO Case Study

New Zealanders take on the world - the Hotsniper eBay Sniping Tools are the dreamchild of Daniel Feenstra. Frustrated by losing out on eBay auctions by moments, he created a system that bids at the last moment on eBay, and so enables people to win the auctions. Its interesting how at the moment people are keen on SEO, they are also interested in redesign. We SEO’ed the initial website only to have the site...

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June 27, 2008

Three Way Linking Strategies

How do you get safe inbound links? Three way linking strategies are one way of safely getting inbound links. I am working with a number of clients that have done the basics right, but are in competitive industries. They need that something extra. But the questions are: How can we safely get incoming links in an environment where Google is encouraging people to dob in sites that have or supply paid links? How can we...

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June 13, 2008

International Shipping Companies - SEO Case Study

Euro Pacific, Ausmove and British Shipping are International Shipping Companies specialising in moving people to Australia, the UK and Europe. A great way of targeting different markets is to have separate websites for each market. Its also a great way of being able to target multiple phrases and be relevant for them all. The website has the greens and yellows, koala’s and kangaroos of Australia. It is an international moving company specialising in helping...

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June 8, 2008

Linking strategies - Dan Thies

Quote from link building class week 2 ? Aggressive ? 60-70% general, 30-40% text links ? Conservative ? 10-20% text, 80-90% general links Very interested that there is only 30-40% text links. That is real low. ? Analyze the competition ? match good links ? Focus on quality can eliminate the lead competitors have in time Google is aware of both 2 way, AND 3 way links week 3 Link text may be analyzed as...

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