Saturday afternoon at a friends place, I could not not help myself. Yes, I know, I can be sad. A fellow self employed professional mate Ian Shere but with a website that didn’t have the SEO pedantics applied to it.

Ian Shere knows his Architecture, and the local building code requirements. While he can’t call his business “Architects”, he is part of a professional Architectural Designers group and would like to rank up there on Google for the Auckland Architects phrases that people are looking for. A quick look at the Google search phrase selection tool revealed a totally different group of phrases to what Ian had first thought popular and relevant to his business.

His business name was the only thing in the title, so we quickly added the main phrases for the industry, created a meta description that was a good billboard for his business, an h1, and opening paragraph.

The website was created in NetObjects. While this is a rather easy content management system to create a website in, the code that it makes is rather non standards based. Lots of styling mixed with html. But as much as I like clean code, just getting the wording right can do wonders, without going the whole 9 yards…

There is only so much that you want to do on a Saturday afternoon, and Ian is working through the rest of the site. But the rewording of the home page plus some links should be enough to get it some places. Incredibly, the industry is VERY uncompetitive. Lets see how long it takes.

In a slowing building industry, the people with the work will be the ones with the on the ground contacts, or with the marketing nouse. Making the most of internet marketing can give you that edge.

All the best with your Architectural Design business “Tarzan Design” Ian.