Are links on worth it? Based on the poor PR distribution from the BOTW homepage, we do not consider a link from BOTW is worthwhile.

Websites need links into their pages. With the demise of article linking as a reliable method of gaining rankings, one method is to get links from international directories that have high homepage PR. We have found several website directories that seem to be getting competitors ranking well on Google. However, many of the directories are not worthwhile. We have checked the backlinks of some of our clients high ranking competitors and have found that has a homepage PR7.

I have had a good look through the website, and seen that there are many pages that do not have Google PR on them.

  • Homepage google pr7 - fantastic
  • Internal pages linked from the homepage in general have pr5, even when they have many external links on those pages ie

  • Go one level further in, and you seldom see pages with PR - most are PR N/A

  • Ie

  • And another level in and nothing either
  • So if I do a google for, I see only 6 that have google pr out of the top 40:
  • pr4 - none of its 3 subcategories have Google PR
  • - PR4 links to 7 sites
  • PR4 - no links to external sites (apart from Google etc)
  • pr3 - has links to external sites
  • pr4 - has links to external sites
  • pr3 - has links to external sites

Of all the regional pages what have Google PR - PR5

  • not even the page that lists all the countries has Google PR (no links to external sites on there)

The following have Google PR

  • - PR5
  • - PR5 subdomain
  • pr6
  • PR5

  • nothing for the directory that shows NZ -
  • nothing on
  • and out of the approx. 104 sites shown on the following, none had Google PR - all were PR N/A

So what do others say?

Hobo-web is operated by Shaun Anderson and has lots of great SEO tips. He wrote a blog post 13 May 2008 listing directory websites including botw. However, an edit in 2013 mentioned - “I would not bother with this” - meaning not to bother at all with getting links from directory websites. His reason was that “Most of these sites go on to syndicate your content in a way that now gets you into trouble with Google”. We certainly need to check how websites syndicate their content in addition to any findings about how Google PR is apportioned.

I therefore do not consider it worthwhile to use the BOTW directory on the basis that in general, pages do not have Google PR when you would expect them to have Google PR based on the PR of the internal page linking to them.