Arrowfield Apartments are luxury Arrowtown Accommodation within a few minutes drive of the tourist mecca of Queenstown New Zealand.

The importance of Search Phrase Selection

I was asked to SEO the website, and my first thought was - “Why” - they were already ranking top for “Arrowtown Apartments”. But a closer look at the Google keywords tool told an interesting story. Not many people looking for Arrowtown Apartments, and heaps more people looking for “Arrowtown”, “Arrowtown Accommodation”, “Arrowtown Hotels” etc. And the website was not ranking high for any of those phrases. In addition, there are more people searching for Queenstown related phrases, and so as a long term goal we are targeting some of those as well.

Search phrase selection is such a vital part of SEO. You need to be top 5 for trafficked phrases, on the Google search engine of your target audience (ie or or etc). No use being the top for a phrase that gets no traffic.

The home page of the website was text only (with a graphic header). So I added a few images onto the page - while the overall graphics are not the highest quality, the homepage is certainly more interesting with 5 location photos added.

After only a few days, the website is ranking considerably better for each of the target phrases, and we have still to start the linking campaign.

Listings on Other websites

We have also tweaked the Google local listing, a zoomin Arrowtown Accommodation Arrowfield listing, and have a Finda Arrowfield Arrowtown Accommodation, and Wises Arrowtown Accommodation listing.

A sample of Search Rankings

class=table]table]tr]td]…………Search_Phrase…………/td]td]30/6/08/td]td]24/7/08/td]td]21/9/09/td]td]/td]/tr] tr]td]Arrowtown Apartments/td]td]1/td]td]1/td]td]1/td]td]/td]/tr] tr]td]Arrowtown Accommodation/td]td]55/td]td]24/td]td]5/td]td]/td]/tr] tr]td]Arrowtown Hotels/td]td]NA/td]td]6/td]td]3/td]td]/td]/tr]/table]/class]

The Arrowfields SEO job follows successful and ongoing campaigns for Riverglade Hamilton Bed and Breakfasts, Lakeridge Condos Queenstown Apartments, and Medlands Great Barrier Island Accommodation jobs. It is very satisfying seeing businesses rank well and get additional bookings as a result of our internet marketing.

All the best for your business Arrowfield.