The power of words! Just by adding the phrases Auckland Optometrists, and the locations of each of the Carlisle Mason Optometrist clinics, we were able to get some top 10 rankings on Google.

Strength of index page

While we have optimised the inner pages, and separated out each of the locations into their own page, its the home page that is ranking for each of the locations. Home pages can rank for many phrases, and for small sites, sometimes it is not worthwhile working on other pages.

But at least the location pages are providing an indented result on some of the searches.

It will be interesting to see what rankings and traffic the inner pages are able to get.

Old websites - what to do with them?

Carlisle Mason currently have the following clinics: Remuera Optometrists, Mt Roskill Optometrists, St Heliers Optometrists, and Thames Optometrists]. They have been purchasing existing businesses over the past few years. We debated at length about what to do with the existing businesses websites. We could rebrand them with Carlisle Mason, and SEO them. But one site that they have done this with has caused branding problems. People have got confused as to who the business is, and have been confused when they could not find the brick and mortar business in the old name.

So we have decided to ditch the old sites (sadly), and redirect into the main corporate website This will certainly give the corporate website some added strength with the incoming links from the other websites.

Google Local

Google local is certainly invading Google’s SERP’s. I needed to update the listings from the old business addresses to the new, and add in opening hours etc to the listings. Please see my article on articles/129/optimizing-for-google-local-search/.

Very responsive web development company

As per usual, there were a good number of SEO issues with the XSIS CMS that the website was built in. However, I was most impressed with the web developers of the CMS who tool on board many of my recommendations and implemented most within a few days.

Now possible to add unique meta descriptions per page, the home page url is the root domain, non www to www redirect actioned, h1’s changed to be only for the content, not the header of the website,… most impressed.

The changes have been made to their core product, and many of their clients will be benefiting!!! I like it like that. My step by step of working towards utopia of everyones sites being properly optimised.

Other websites in the group that we will be working on

Revize is a revolutionally new concept of eye care. Rather than using Lasik Eye Surgery to correct vision, training contact lenses are worn overnight that reshape the eye, and perfect your vision. And all at a fraction of the price of Lasik Eye Surgery.

Since the concept is so new, no-one will be searching on Google for it. So getting top for Corneal Refractive Therapy would be easy but would not get the traffic. Better phrases will be Laser Eye Surgery / Lasik Eye Surgery related, then to tell people that Corneal Refractive Therapy is a good alternative to investigate.

SEO for the Contacts2Go online shop for will be started soon. Lots of work to do on this site - words on pages,s, links… It is a custom PHP development, and looks like it will be quite easy, but time consuming.