Part of my job is training other Web Developers. Beacon Construction is an Auckland renovations specialist. An Auckland Building Company specialising in homes on the North Shore Auckland.

Etienne Le Sueur of had been asked to optimise the website, and needed some help. I worked with him for several hours:

  • Search Phrase Selection - looking through Google Adwords stats, the SearchMasters search-phrase-suggestion/, and the Google Keywords Selection tool. I was astounded that the most searched for phrase was not “Auckland Builders”, but “renovations” and derivative words. New Zealanders are rather lazy, and seem to believe that there is no life south of the Bombay hills - what about Wellington and Christchurch builders that might appear for the phrase “renovations” on!!!
  • Next on the list was to train him through my SEO101 presentation. Its really basic, yet it is one of the keys and foundations of successful SEO.
  • He also purchased my SEO201 and 301 notes for more comprehensive training in SEO.
  • We worked through a number of technical aspects of the Beacon Construction website that needed to be fixed. A very constructive meeting and very satisfying to see that most of my recommendations have been put into place on the website.

Lets see the rankings increase, and the Beacon Construction business need to spend less on Adwords.

Current rankings - several weeks after the changes have been made * nz websites only 27/12/2007 * Renovations - 55th Renovating - 26th Auckland Builders - 29th

It will take links and time to get ranked well, but at least Beacon Construction is on the map.