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Hive Rental Rankings

The hive rental pages on Canaan Honey started their life as 8th on Google with the existing strength of the website and proper onpage optimisation. We wanted to get the rankings higher, and so on the 5 May 2018, added a photo, hive rental article and profile page into infonews.co.nz. The journey to higher rankings is an interesting one. Good things take time, and adding links into the specific hive rental page did not increase the rankings at the moment those infonews pages were cached.

It took almost two weeks from the 5 May to 18 May, for rankings from Auckland to increase two placings from 8th to 6th and to 3 and 4 from Whanganui being two pages showing.

An interesting observation has been how Google has ranked the related Hive Share page for the Hive Rental phrase – often the hive share page shows with the hive rental page as a second result. Google has re-titled the hive share page with the text of the menu item “Hive Share/Rental”, especially as the hive rental page was not initially a menu item linked from every page.

The hive rental page has been linked as a menu item from 28 May 2018. It will be interesting to see if this change makes Google show the rental page rather than the hive share page first.

The hive rental page is also being linked from this SearchMasters article page. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to see the effect of the additional link.

Hive Rental from Canaan Honey Whanganui is operated by Michael Brandon. Michael is the founder of SearchMasters and continues SEO work with selected clients.