Google has released an article entitled “Stop Bouncing, Tips for Website Success”. However, they fail to mention that bounces can be good!!!

A bounce as measured on a website statistics package like Google Analytics, is where someone only visits one page on your website before going to another website.

If you have a directory website, and people find what they are looking for on that one page ranked top of Google, then they don’t need to go any further. Its a good bounce. If you have a bad page ranked top, they may have to browse through your website to find what they ACTUALLY want. More page views could be BAD in this instance!

If your article ranks top for a search phrase, and you tell them all they need to know on that one page, why should it be anything more than a bounce. I don’t expect to get an SEO job every time someone finds my site top of Google, but my articles certainly serve to promote SearchMasters as an SEO and Web development expert! I could get a job next week because someone saw my article today? Who knows?

Google - tell the whole story, not just half a story. Bounces are not necessarily bad, bounces can be good!