yourBusinessChannel have amassed a vast number of Worldwide Business Development experts and put together a world class Business Television channel site featuring short and long video segments. SearchMasters has been honored to be able to SEO a website that itself features experts talking about Search Engine Optimisation.

##Content Content Content It is an age old story that repeated time and time again. An amazing website full of incredible business development television videos. But limited text on the pages that targeted phrases that no-one was searching for.

Few people are searching for “Business Television” (590 from USA March 2009), thousands are searching for “Business Development” (18100), and “Business Advice” (5400). Yet they are rather competitive phrases. Since the website has large plans and a solid and growing syndication network, it made sense to think big.

While we are providing them with a few incoming links, the main links drive is the natural links from partners and people that consider the content is quality. But even these need to be managed to make sure that we don’t get duplicate content issues, and that link text is varied and for phrases that we are targeting.

The job required a major rethink of the menu structure of the website. What is the website about? What search phrases are people looking for relating to the business television videos on their site?

They had a series of “business channels”, but no one was looking for the phrases that had been targeted. And certainly there was no text on the pages even with that text.

We therefore went through each of the channel names and other main menu items, and found phrases that people were looking for relating to that concept - ie:

  • for the Marketing Business Channel - people were looking for social marketing, small business marketing, small business marketing strategy, and facebook marketing.
  • for the tiger marketing channel - no-one was looking for “tiger marketing” - and they certainly were not selling tigers. However, there were people looking for China Economic Growth, and Tiger Economy. The next step was the individual video pages. This is more of a training task that is ongoing. For a random search phrase that the video is about, is the search phrase of the title actually in the content of the page. With a business adding many videos every week, it is easy to miss the pedanticness required. And sometimes hard to fit the search phrases into the content naturally.

Ongoing SEO

When I first started SEO’ing peoples sites over 6 years ago, I focused on the website wording and mechanics of sites. This worked wonderfully for already powerful websites. But for new websites wording/mechanics alone did not get a big increase in traffic. I next progressed to offering linking services as well. A further recent step is the ongoing monitoring of rankings.

For an ever expanding website like yourBusinessChannel, there are ongoing issues with their syndication of videos giving duplicate content issues, people scraping their content, tweaking of new content for SEO, and SEO of additional pages… You have to be constantly on your toes. By checking ranking changes for a sample set of search phrases, issues are able to be spotted and rectified.

What effect has the SEO had on traffic?

I love looking at the yourBusinessChannel Google Analytics graph of traffic via Google - a major leap as soon as the SEO changes were implemented. However, the main traffic at the moment is coming from the long tail rather than the main targeted phrases, so the biggest increase in traffic has not yet come. Once the website gains authority status with Google and continues with the tweaking of SEO details on the site, the major increase in traffic will happen. Patience is a hard thing, Rome was not built in a day.

All the best yourBusinessChannel.