Looking for a carbon fiber manufacturer - try RiversCarbon of New Zealand. RiversCarbon do a large amount of research and development into carbon fiber applications, then manufacture with their large autoclave.

RiversCarbon work for many industries including the automotive industry, primarily in motorsport/racing. They make carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber racing car wings, carbon fiber racing wheels and other carbon fiber race car parts. They have designed and built a carbon fiber racing car chassis and other components for a number of Formula 1 racing cars.

They also produce http://www.riverscarbon.com/carbon-fiber-yacht-parts/, as the owner, Graeme Rivers has had over a decade of experience in the industry.

Their site wasn’t bringing in any business, so Rivers Carbon came to SearchMasters asking for SEO advice. Their old site was dated and they couldn’t update their content themselves or add new pages. RiversCarbon is involved in many industries and needed a page optimised for each one.

We created a new look and feel for the site and gave them control over their content by building it within the JojoCMS Open Source CMS framework. This meant the normal technical hassles of optimising a site would be gone, such as checking for multiple URLs for each page and setting up the .htaccess file, as Jojo handles that for us.

We couldn’t optimise the home page for all of the industries they are involved in without having too much text on the page. Therefore we optimised the home page for a number of the bigger industries, and mentioned the smaller ones only briefly. Each industry then had a dedicated page, along with sub-pages where necessary.

This worked really well for the racing car industry. We have dedicated pages for carbon fiber drag wheels, carbon fiber racing wings, carbon fiber hoods/carbon fibre bonnets…, which are all sub-pages of the main racing car page.

It was then just a matter of getting the words right on the pages. Making sure to write proper meta descriptions to be used as the Google snippet, having proper titles containing the search phrases, ensuring the pages have a <h1> title containing the search phrases and finally making sure these phrases are mentioned in the content of the page.

Lastly we have started the link building process for the site. As the links come in, so does the website power.

Now that the new site is live we are really looking forward to watching this great little New Zealand business grow and start getting the international recognition and business it deserves.