Cruising with the ArrowCat Power Catamaran. And looking forward to seeing them cruising up the search results for boats for sale and other phrases once Google recaches the pages.

The ArrowCat Power Catamaran is a dream boat - sleeps up to 6 adults, able to hold its own on the open ocean, great for fishing and diving. The multihull gives amazing stability and allows for a large living platform. Designed in New Zealand by Roger Hill and manufactured and assembled in China, the boat has the quality and price appeal for a wide market.

But marketing is the key, and that is where the internet holds its own. While the owner of the New Zealand franchise is working the boat shows, and promoting via press releases and in the boat magazines, the internet is another channel that needs to be worked as hard.

First step was finding out what people were searching for, and the competition for those phrases. We are trying for the “Boats for Sale” phrase as well as the catamaran phrases. Getting ranked for “Boats for sale” is not going to be easy, but as a long term goal, it is worth a try, given the substantial traffic going through it. We want to promote the multihull alternative to people that are seeking traditional monohull boats.

Boats are a very visual item, and the website only had a single picture on the home page. We therefore added some words as well as a flash show of some of the attributes of the vessel.

The client is using Google Adwords, but its not easy to know the success or otherwise of each marketing method. So we have added onclick Google analytics trackers for the call to action, being the mailto links. It will be interesting to see the number of enquiries that come through.

Another touch was to add contact details into the footer of every page. People should not have to search for contact details, they should be right there as the next step once people have found the website. Indeed, the reality is that many people search for businesses by name for the sole reason being, to find the contact details.

Check out the Finda ArrowCat Catamaran listing, the Wises copy of the Finda listing, and also the Zoomin Boats for Sale listing. And the ArrowCat YouTube Power Catamaran video.