Contacts2Go is an online contact lens retailer offering a wide range of non prescription and prescription contact lenses. Some of these include Coloured Contact Lenses, Bifocal Contact Lenses, Disposable Contact Lenses. With some changes to wording on the pages, and other technical changes they will be able to rank properly for their pages.

Back to basics

SEO does not need to be seen as hard. We have applied some basic principles into the website:

  • Redirecting from http:// to http://www ensuring there is only one URL per page.
  • Determining the appropriate search phrases
  • Nofollowing the unimportant links: privacy policy/terms and conditions etc.
  • Getting incoming links. By adding the search phrases into the page (browser) title, meta description, h1, and opening paragraphs; we have made it possible for the site to start getting some nice rankings (see below). Not so easy to rank for a phrase if it’s not on the page.

SEO for suppliers/categories

More often than not, people search for brand names. Simply having “Contact Lenses” as a phrase is pretty meaningless. Contacts2Go has a page for each of the categories as well as each of the individual suppliers. So what we’ve done is optimise each of these pages for the category/supplier as well as “Contact Lens” orientated phrases. This has allowed us to potentially have an indented result in Google - a specific page ranking for “Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses”, as well as the home page being listed.

Very well written CMS

It was surprisingly easy to customise the existing CMS. Thanks to a very well written and planned CMS, adding things like a browser title, content title and meta description field into the admin screen of the CMS was incredibly straightforward. So congratulations to the web developers who designed this.

Current Google rankings

Prior to our SEO work the site just didn’t rank. It could be seen in the sponsored results fairly often, but now, since our SEO work, they’re thundering up the organic results.

It’s easy

Making sure your site is properly SEO’d isn’t that hard. It’s just making sure little things are done thoroughly and thoughtfully. If you want big things to happen to your website, remember, big things are made up of little things. So be pedantic with the details and it will pay off.

Now with some links work and more time, the site will get stronger and stronger. It will be good to start seeing the traffic flooding in on all the different search phrases.