The Lending Room is a brokering company for Debt Consolidation and Refinancing Loans, Car Loans, Boat Loans and personal loans. The website is being a real challenge to get ranked high on Google given that the search phrases are ones that get spammed so often on Google.

We have done the normal SEO work on the site:

  • making sure each page has a single url
  • deciding on and adding the appropriate search phrases for each page
  • nofollows
  • links ##Links strategy We know that the debt consolidation/loan type phrases are hard to get ranked for on Google, therefore we have not only submitted the site to directories for links, but sought links from related websites. Many directories do not accept loan related websites for listing, so its that much harder to get links from directories.

We also need to make sure that we don’t get too many incoming links too fast. Google is not so keen on that.

We have a paid Finda Listing for TheLendingRoom - “Debt Consolidation”. A paid listing gives a live link rather thaned.

Use Google analytics for better rankings

Now a month after we have started, the site is getting a small amount of search engine traffic. I have worked through the Google Analytics stats, and found random phrases that we have been found for, and added these phrases better on the pages. If people are finding us when we are 10th for a phrase, then with better wording on the page we should increase in ranking, and so get more traffic.

Google rankings increase

Because of the competitive and spammy nature of the debt consolidation market, Google is letting sites up the rankings slowly. Therefore, we have used the very restrictive nz sites only searches to track progress. The website ranked no where to start with. The first check on 14 March 2008 was once the website had the SEO’ed wording cached on Google.

I am looking forward to ranking well enough that it shows top ten without the nz only restriction.

Reciprocal linking page

I have had a laugh with the reciprocal links page on the site. The page has lots of unique text on it, and its starting to rank on Google using that text. But its not the most appropriate page to rank on Google! For instance the site is not about “Payday Loans”, yet the links page is ranking for that and getting some New Zealand traffic.

So I have looked through the Google webmaster tools SERP’s list, and the Google analytics traffic list, and better optimised the main pages for the phrases the links page is currently getting. Hopefully we can change the URL’s that Google shows for the phrases. We might need to get some specific links for those random phrases to cement the alternate url’s in.

I am not keen on noindexing the directory page, although this is certainly an option - the people linked to on the page would still receive benefit from the page.

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