Canes Deer Farm produces and retails quality Deer Antler Velvet from their Central North Island Farm. Like many business owners, they are passionate about their product, and have added a lot of research material onto their website.

When I was first approached, business owner Kathy Cane explained how a number of search engine optimisation quotes for the website involved moving the website totally from the existing content management system. That is totally not how SearchMasters operates. I found nothing fundamentally wrong with the website, graphics were okay, nothing that a few tweaks could not fix. The main problem was with the age old issue of search phrase selection and placement of those phrases onto the pages. Such things have now been done on the website, and the website has started to rank and get hits and sales - aren’t those the objective of SEO?

I am always chuffed when websites do great big leaps in rankings on Google once words are properly added. From no-where to 7th for the main phrase “Deer Velvet” on From no-where, to 1st for Deer Supplement. These and related search phrases are the ones that people are searching for when wanting to purchase the product. So often, phrases can be competitive, and websites can be too young, or too few incoming links so that despite the good work I do, it takes some time for the website to rank properly. But its time and links that are needed for ranking on as seen from the USA.

I have also looked at a number of the internal pages of the website and optimised them for their phrases. Its not that there is much traffic for those phrases, but sometimes just proper onpage optimisation can be enough to get pages ranked.

As well as sports, Deer Velvet helps with Arthritis Joint Pain, and helps improve blood circulation. The velvet is also used as immune system boosters.

There is a whole heap of writing involved with the job of search engine optimisation. Three articles for each website - this, one on Finda, their Wises Deer Velvet listing, and another on zoomin Deer Antler Velvet), as well as rewriting the pages of the clients website. You have to be fast, otherwise the time just gets away with you.

All the best with your business Canes. I look forward with interest, watching it climb up the ranks for the Deer Velvet search phrases.