David Cunliffe says New Zealand needs to “Develop the skills of the the ICT practitioner”. I whole heartedly agree, and add my specific flavour, that one of those skills is that ICT professionals internet marketing abilities need to be further developed.

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David Cunliffe received a Honorary New Zealand Computer Society fellowship (ICT Brief) at a presentation 30 June 2008. ICT brief reported him as saying:

…without a concerted approach in developing New Zealand’s ICT skills, further barriers or “layers” could develop here in the divide of digital ?haves’ and ?have-nots’.

To prevent this, he said that all New Zealanders need skills for the effective application of ICT systems and devices. New Zealand also needs to develop the skills of the ICT practitioner so they can research, develop, design, manage, produce and support the nation’s ICT systems.

Finally, ebusiness skills need to be promoted, he said, in order to exploit the opportunities provided by ICT - especially of the internet - to ensure more efficient and effective ways of conducting business and to establish new businesses.

Key to the problem is overcoming the ICT skills shortage, he said, and to do that New Zealand needs to have high-speed broadband on a par with anywhere in the world.

Hear hear!!!

My personal take is a slightly different perspective - “ICT professionals need to know how to better market their clients websites, and include proper Search Engine Optimisation as an integral part of their offering”.

Whether we have fast internet or not while important, is not the major impediment at the moment. New Zealand websites are so poorly search engine optimised (SEO’ed), that top 10 on Google.co.nz often includes many non New Zealand websites, and the top brands are not showing as they ought.

We need to get New Zealand websites properly SEO’ed and internet marketed with use of social media and newsletters, and treatment of the internet as an integral part of the marketing mix. Then when people make use of the fast internet, they will find quality New Zealand websites.

Yes, we definitely need upskilling of New Zealand ICT professionals. And SearchMasters is seeking to achieve that, one web developer at a time.

David Cunliffe

I have the utmost respect for David Cunliffe. He was my MP for a short time, before the electoral boundaries changed. When I went to pick up my child from kindergarten, he was there, when I went to school assemblies, he was there. Where-ever I looked, he was the hardest campaigning politician I personally had seen. And the best spoken. Sadly, National might get in this coming election, and we might lose the quality candidate and parliament minister that he has been.

I actually come from a staunch National background with grandparents from the National stronghold of King Country/Te Kuiti, and I don’t believe in many of the social leanings of Labour. But I sing the praises of Cunliffe. We need more politicians of his ilk.