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There seems to be a different sandbox period on Google.com. A classic case in point is the rankings of SearchMasters for the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation”. On Google.co.nz I rank third, but on Google.com, I rank below my NZ competitors. My own Time2Dine sites page on Search Engine Optimisation ranks 206th (15th on Google.co.nz), while SearchMasters ranks 210th (3rd on Google.co.nz).

So why is SearchMasters ranking so low on Google.com?

It is basically TIME. It takes time for Google to rank you on various engines. It lets you up the ranks slowly, even though you may deserve to rank higher. Obviously the sandbox period is less on the country specific engines. SearchMasters was first online around September 2006 meaning it has been online around 11 months. That is a long sandbox period for Google.com.

What other possible reasons could there be for the Google.com sandbox period?

  • Is Google looking at the number of NZ incoming links as compared to .com links? I don’t have that many .com or other international links into the Time2Dine page, but I do have many international incomings
  • My Time2Dine site is a .co.nz, so its not that it is ranking .com sites higher on Google.com What other reasons are there for such an anomaly? I look forward to seeing your posts about the different sandbox periods on Google.com