Bay Audiology has over 45 Hearing Clinics around New Zealand. Many clients choose digital hearing aids to improve their hearing. Being a large group, they are able to have a central office to help with recruitment and management, and are able to attract high quality overseas audiologists into their New Zealand Audiologist Jobs.

So what were the challenges and opportunities presented by this SEO client?

Decision to ditch existing CMS

The Bayaudiology website was in a content management system, but there were many problems with it. It was decided that rather than trying to repair the CMS, we would transfer the site into the JoJoCMS system.

It is always an interesting place to be in. I prefer to try fixing an existing system. “I want the world to be a better place”, and generally when I optimise within an existing CMS, my recommendations for the CMS SEO mean all the clients using that CMS benefit. But sometimes people outgrow a CMS, or the amount of reprogramming required becomes equal to just moving it to a new system, and doing the redevelopment there.

I initially optimised the existing websites home page for the main search phrases of the website - Hearing Clinics, Hearing Aids, and Digital Hearing Aids. And I sorted out the www/non www and multi-domain for one website issues. Within a short time the home page was ranking well for each of the phrases. However, a website is more than just the home page.

SEO for multiple clinics

Since the website operates a number of clinics New Zealand wide, they needed to rank for City and Region “hearing Centers” and “hearing clinics”. ie Auckland Hearing Clinics (region), and Christchurch Hearing Clinics (as a location - since we have a Canterbury/Timaru region then Christchurch central). We created a JoJo Plugin to enable separate pages for each region and clinic, with easy entry of clinic details and Google maps.

SEO for FAQ’s

The also had FAQ’s - this provided a great opportunity to enhance the existing JoJoCMS FAQ plugin. When Javascript is turned off, separate SEO’ed pages are accessed for each FAQ - ie Why do my ears ring. With Javascript on, all Hearing FAQ’s are accessed on the same page by toggling div displays.

Shopping Cart

Yes, you can purchase hearing aid batteries via the BayAudiology website! The shopping cart is rather standard, but we have also added in Google analytics tracking so sales can be monitored.

Contact form

Yes, the contactus form is another page to track on Google analytics. We keep track of the number of people that access the form as compared to the number that end up sending a query via it.

If its worth doing, its worth tracking. Have you got Google analytics on your site? Are you tracking sales and contacts?

Transition from old to new website

Any transition needs to be managed. The url structure of the website has changed and there are bound to be a number of websites linking to old url’s. We have made sure that there are 301 redirects to all old url’s. This keeps users who have bookmarked pages happy, and means that we keep the benefit of any websites linking to those pages.

Reasonable rankings have been able to be achieved via the existing inbound links and onpage SEO. However, to get all the inner pages ranking well, and to get top for the more competitive phrases relating to “hearing aids”, more specific links are needed.

Since the phrases hearing aids, and digital hearing aids are not at the front of the title, and there is a little more competition for those phrases, Bay Audiology is not yet top for the phrases. So additional inbound links are required to get them higher. Google wont let them immediately get to the top - Google lets web pages gradually increase as links and pages get older.

Bay Audiology have a number of strategic partners, and so as part of the overall linking strategy, links will be obtained from these businesses. We will also work to increase the rankings of existing pages like the []Bay Audiology( Yellow pages listings.

What’s next

Apart from the ongoing links work, we need to monitor rankings over the next months to make sure they are trending up. A number of sites are getting their content scraped, resulting in rankings falling when Google sees their content as no longer being unique.

We will be checking analytics, and tweaking wording on pages to get higher for low ranked phrases they get found by.

Depending on the business need, we may also start Google adwords.

We will be monitoring wording on the pages to make sure the client does not change words that the site is being ranked for.

And yes, continued website development as the underlying business develops.

What have you learnt from this article, and from looking over the SEO of the Bay Audiology website? Please add your comments below.