New Zealanders take on the world - the Hotsniper eBay Sniping Tools are the dreamchild of Daniel Feenstra. Frustrated by losing out on eBay auctions by moments, he created a system that bids at the last moment on eBay, and so enables people to win the auctions.

Its interesting how at the moment people are keen on SEO, they are also interested in redesign. We SEO’ed the initial website only to have the site replaced by the amazing graphics and rewording of the hotsniper website.

It will take a while for the site to regain and surpass their last rankings. But with the main search phrase now in the domain, the new domain should rule the roost a lot better than the old domain. And with professional graphics, anyone visiting the website is bound to be impressed and likely to sign up, especially with the 45 day ]free ebay sniper software trial.

We researched the search phrases, added them to the pages, rewrote the url’s and moved the pages from a subdirectory to the root, then started working on the linking strategy. Always a challenge to work search phrases into pages, but is always the starting point for ranking.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for a new website to start ranking, and even more so with redirects from the old website.

All the best, HotSniper