Econergy? heat pump water heaters heat hot water using heat transferred from the air via a refrigeration cycle. As it does not have to create this heat it is remarkably efficient. Heating hot water electrically usually accounts for the largest portion of the household electricity bill so it is here that the largest savings can be achieved.

Heat pump water heaters are a form of solar heating as the sun heats the air. They generally work as well if not better than solar water heaters, supplying on average $3 of hot water for every $1 of electricity they use. They can also be installed in homes where solar is impractical. Check out the Econergy? site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Most people have heard of electric hot water cylinders, gas hot water systems and the benefits of solar hot water systems. Some have heard about heat pump technology in general. Far fewer have heard of heat pump? hot water sytems. How should we enable potential customers to find the Econergy? website?

Search Phrase Selection

By far the largest amount of relevant searches are for ‘Hot water cylinder’ and ‘Solar water heating’. But there are also a significant number of people searching for ‘Hot water heat pump’, ‘Hot water heat pumps’ and ‘Heat pump water heaters’. The strategy chosen was to optimise the site for the Heat pump? phrases, as this was the primary site content and customer base, but to also include ‘Hot water cylinder’ and ‘Solar water heating’ to attract potential customers who may not have heard of, or considered Econergy? heat pump hot water.

Words on the Page

What words? Which page? Getting all our search phrases included in the words on the various pages, in a form that made sense, was the main challenge. Where and how could we include the words Solar Hot Water Heating and Hot water cylinder on a site about Heat pump water heaters. Careful sorting and targeting of the phrases to the existing pages enabled all the chosen words to be included on the most appropriate pages and integrated into the existing text.

Website issues

The website Content Management System (CMS) used Active Server Pages (ASP). It had an automated system to generate meta data. In particular the meta description. This resulted in duplicate descriptions and keywords being displayed on the actual web page source after customised meta descriptions were written and saved on the system. This had to be fixed.

Originally there was also lots of repetition of hidden text and hidden <div>’s at the top of the pages that was being used to create unique introductions at the top of the page.

Hidden text is not the best for Google as it mimics the behaviour of some undesirable sites, such as spamming sites, and raises the possibility of Google mistakenly banning the website. In addition, the repetition was not the best. Therefore we changed the method so that it is now all a javascript switch document.write, from the template, rather than by the managed content holders.

After SEO of the main search phrases and text on the page the next important step was the addition of links via our standard package.

Finda articles are an addition to the package. By linking to Finda Heat Pump Water Heaters we can harness the power of Finda’s site and raise the visibility of the Econergy? site. With a Finda listing we also get an associated Wises listing for “Heat Pump Water Heaters

There are also listings on for Heat Pump Water Heaters and []Hot Water Heat Pumps)

As well as a zoomin link - Econergy Heat Pump Water Heaters

Google Rankings

So now its just a matter of time, waiting to see the results. Waiting for the inevitable time lag until the website and incoming links are re-cached by Google, and we can see the results of our efforts.

The ‘proof of the pudding’ is whether we have increased the sites ranking for our chosen search phrases.

All the best Econergy.