Another client, another type of site to SEO. Flash websites are interesting in that they often only have one url for the search engines. Flash SEO is a challenge with some interesting solutions.

SEO for Flash

  • How about getting all your flash text from an xml file or database. Makes it rather easy for people to update.
  • Set entry points into the flash file with variables - entry points for pages
  • Have separate url’s/pages for each entrypoint
  • use the xml for div content on each page that only shows for javascript off/no flash browsers. Properly optimise that div for the chosen search phrases.
  • the content has to be exactly the same as what is shown on the flash file otherwise you run the risk of being dobbed in for Black Hat SEO by your competitors. So its likely that the flash file has to be manipulated to be better ‘paginated’. Its effectively a double website, double the time, double the bother. All to have that “nice” flash look and feel.
  • and yes, it does mean that you have extra html and images to download with each page. But the traffic is worth it.

  • I actually prefer to use flash as a picture within an html page. But when looking to SEO an existing website for a budget, and keep look and feel, sometimes compromise is the name of the game.

Flash SEO References

No, the above are not my ideas, but taken from a good ole Google search for Flash SEO. Check out the following pages for more details: