Part of SEO is getting the Google local listing/Google Plus for business active. Many business addresses are shown on the NZ Post address finder page as no postal delivery to that address. There is no obvious way to be able to get the address verified. So I contacted NZ Post via their online chat about the dilemma - Getting Google Postcards to Business Addresses.

It seems like as long as a business has the PO Box address prominently displayed on their business’s website, and that the website is easily found based on the details on the post card, then NZ Post can redirect it to the PO Box.

Congrats NZ Post on a fantastic service!!!

Copy of live chat - with the business’s details obfuscated/some typos corrected.

Live chat Status: Connected

Robert (Listening)

Robert: Hi, my name is Robert. How may I help you?

Michael Brandon: I am working as a contractor for …, needing to get a google address verification postcard to the address, and the postcode website says that there is no postal delivery to that address.

Michael Brandon: your help please :)

Robert: I will check what we can assist you with

Robert: According to their website their postal address is PO Box xxxx, Albany, so the correct address format is PO Box xxxx, Albany, Auckland 0752

Michael Brandon: Yes, but we have to get an address verification card to the street address to verify that it exists there… can’t change it to a PO Box

Michael Brandon: a postcard WILL be sent to the street address, and I want to know how they can get it

Michael Brandon: it is a common problem

Robert: If a card was sent to the xxx address we will redirect it to PO Box xxxx, Albany, Auckland 0752

Michael Brandon: really! Wow

Michael Brandon: How does that happen? What systems are used for that to happen? Can you help me understand your processes. Therefore does that happen for many business address type mail?

Michael Brandon: I am a Search Engine Optimisation consultant, and I often have this issue, so keen to know for other clients

Robert: This will happen to a lot of businesses. The businesses want only one point of delivery for their mail so have a PO box address. In these cases the physical address is … however the postal address is PO Box xxx, Albany, Auckland 0752

Robert: Delivery Branches are aware the business holds this PO Box number so they redirect the mail addressed to the street address, to the PO box number

Michael Brandon: So there needs to be a specific redirection notice in place, or what process makes that happen

Robert: No, internally we call it a ‘markup’ to the PO Box address which is done by the Delivery Branch

Michael Brandon: So how can I know that there is such a markup to a po box of any random client?

Michael Brandon: I appreciate your time to explain.

Robert: If when you enter the address in the Address & Postcode Finder, if it shows as not a delivery to that address, then it most likely will have an alternative postal address eg a PO Box.

Michael Brandon: ok, so I should check with you for each specific client address that shows as that?

Robert: We would need to check on each occasion if the customer has a PO Box or checking the business website usually shows if they have a postal address of a PO box number Michael Brandon: ok, thanks. Appreciated