The funnies go around in the emails. There are some questions that can’t be answered by Google caught my eye. I am both a Google fanatic and believer in God. Google can’t save the soul, although I have used it to find some good answers to bible questions that I have had. And I have used it and got absolutely confused with opposing viewpoints.

The Search For Truth

I can search for bible verses like John 3:16 God loves us enough that he made himself known to us ([Google] There are some well SEO’ed bible websites out there. I can find out ideas on the beginnings of time - how long ago was the earth created and how does this tie in with the biblical account. Then I Google and find some interesting Creation / Evolution Controversy pages and other opposing viewpoints like the Answers in Genesis. I can search on the end times, about what the book of Revelation in the Bible has to say.

What seems rather clear is that when we see many objects, we know that someone created them, that they did not exist out of random chance. When I research the exact conditions that are needed for life to exist, and see the beauty and sophistication of nature I know that someone, being God created them. To believe that they happened by chance would require more faith than believing in God. I love beauty, and if God created, then it is for me to thank him and acknowledge him, to get to know him. When he sent part of himself, Jesus, to show us the way to him, it is my responsibility to honour Jesus and hence God the creator.

Few Questions that Can’t be Answered

Actually, there are probably few questions that can’t be answered by Google. If there has ever been a question, then someone is bound to have written about a possible answer. As more people SEO their websites, more answers that have been written will be able to be found.

What are your questions? How about Googling for them!

The Questions that can’t be answered by Google

Why am I SEO’ing people’s websites? Why can’t people get the answers by Googling? Yes, the answers can be found, but it sometimes takes a skillful person to actually decipher the truth from the chaff. I find lots of parallels between Christianity and SEO. Both are searching for the truth.