Google side wiki - Did you know that people can publicly comment in html enabled notes attached to your website? When you have the latest Google toolbar installed, you can click to see publicly available notes attached to each and every page of your website. People that are logged into Google can add notes to the sidewiki.

This has the potential of being a public relations nightmare for businesses if they do not handle it properly. Notes can be submitted for removal, and can also be rated. If there are negative notes, I recommend apologies and giving your side of the story. People realise that we are all human, and sometimes negative notes and replies can be better for PR than no notes at all?

Please refer to the Google sidewiki help, and [sidewiki api](] for more information.

Does your website have sidewiki notes?

You need to know what sidewiki notes exist on your website. Make sure that you have the latest Google toolbar installed, and also check for comments via the sidewiki rss feed api.

RSS Feed url - for all comments on a domain

Note the following:

  • The domain needs %2F following it. It is a coded “/” forward slash. If you view the rss feed in your browser, then click to add to Outlook 2007, Outlook removes the %2F from the url, and the feed does not work. Does not work if you manually add the feed url to Outlook 2007.
  • you need the “includeLessUseful” parameter, otherwise you wont get all the items

Other sidewiki RSS Feeds

You can get comments per individual url, and also by author. Please see the []Google Sidewiki API documentation).

RSS Feed to Outlooks/Email?

I would love to have the rss feeds coming into Outlook 2007. However, Outlook does not handle %2F type characters. So its not possible to subscribe via Outlook to either the Google Reader rss feeds, nor the individual sidewiki rss feeds.

Does anyone know how to get RSS to email for sidewiki?

  • Not possible direct from sidewiki rss feed url’s to Outlook 2007
  • So I add all the feeds to Google Reader
  • How do I get the latest Google Reader items into Outlook, or into Gmail. Gmail can then forward such items to my Outlook account.

Owner Comments

Owner comments are not reported on the rss feeds.

If you have verified a website against Google webmaster tools, then you are given “Owner” status, and can write a comment on the sidewiki as the owner. This is a great way to reinforce the sales message of your website.

Linking Strategy

Google sidewiki is not listed on any website as such. However comments are able to be created into web pages via the sidewiki rss feeds. If you can find any website that republishes its sidewiki comments into its own pages, then you can add an html link to your website in its comments, and so gain a link from that website.

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